Three Hobbies To Practice In Your Conservatory

Plenty of people like to talk about the extra space, light and value a conservatory can add to your property: while these are all great reasons to invest in such a space for your home, there is one other reason which people often neglect to mention: a conservatory is a brilliant place to practice a hobby;

Let’s take a look at three hobbies which you can practice in your conservatory:

Turn your hand to art
The excellent lighting conditions and relaxing ambience of a conservatory make it the perfect place to unleash your artistic side; whether you choose to paint your garden in oils or crack out some charcoal to do a still-life, you can be assured a peaceful, comfortable and well lit home-studio if you decide to create your masterpieces from a conservatory;

Creating artwork is a wonderful way to soothe the nerves and entertain the brain: and the possibilities are endless; you could end up making sculptures or carvings, origami or collages: the only thing to be careful about is to ensure that you have adequate ventilation and the proper equipment, if you decide to use an airbrush or similar tool: ask at your local art supplies store for details about what you need to get started.

Sculpt your body
If you would rather grab some dumbbells than lift a paintbrush, or burn calories on an exercise bike instead of sketching a squirrel, your conservatory is the perfect place to sculpt your body into a fine work of art; Sometimes, the whirring of cardio machines or the clanging of weights can create a disturbance in the home which might bother other residents that live with you;

Rather than using up one of your rooms as an exercise space, why not transform your conservatory into an exciting home gym? The refreshing natural light and inspiring views into your garden will allow you to focus on your workout, rather than on minimising the amount of noise and vibration you create whilst doing so.

Pick up an instrument
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Vanessa Mae or would like to fool others into thinking that Jimi Hendrix is still alive, a conservatory is one of the best places to set up your very own music studio!

The legendary electronic composer, Vangelis (famous for providing the soundtracks to such classic films as ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘1492’), liked to work in a well-lit glass studio: his reason? According to this icon, one of the most important things when composing music is to be in an environment where you feel happy, relaxed and at peace: in such a space, it is said that one can achieve ‘harmony’; this is perhaps reason enough to consider turning your chilled-out conservatory into a beautiful place to play sweet music.

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