Tips for Remodeling on Any Budget

If you are unsure of your budget or just don’t want to spend a whole lot of money remodeling your home, here are a few simple tips to create a new room in your house on any budget.

Change Lighting Fixtures

Besides saving money, changing your mega-watt light bulbs to less power-hogging CLFs or LED lights can change the entire look and mood of your home.  If you are a bold kind of person, LED lights come in many colors.  If you have an entertainment room, that may be the place to experiment with fun colors.  You will also find CFLs and florescent lighting have naturally different colors than light bulbs and this can help you come up with an idea that you haven’t previously thought of.  Touch lights can also change the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom.  There are all sorts of different (and inexpensive), lighting fixtures to look through at your local hardware store.

Change Linens/Fabrics

Simply changing linens and fabrics can make a world of difference when remodeling a room, especially in your bathroom. Changing the shower curtain to a new pattern with different colors can be a simple fix on a budget.   Changing the towel colors in your kitchen, or bed linens can give your rooms an almost totally different look.

Give it a Paint Job

Another relatively inexpensive thing to do to remodel your home is to paint your walls a different color that what is already there.  Look online for color inspiration or if there is a color you have always wanted to paint your walls, now is the time! Once you paint your walls your favorite color, accessories around the color you have chosen with a complimentary color to make the wall color pop.

Update Your Flooring

A simple and surprisingly cheap way to remodel your home is to update your flooring.  You can install wood flooring in the kitchen, tile or glass tile in the other rooms in the house, or laminate.  It is really up to you.  To combat mold, however, it is advised to keep carpet out of your bathroom or kitchen. These rooms when humid can be a breeding ground for mold.

These are just a few ways you can remodel your home on a budget.  It is good to sit down with your family or roommates before making such a big decision. This way you can get input from them before you decide on anything if you are stuck and your remodeling can be a collaborative effort.

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