Tips for the Engineering Job Seeker

Engineering jobs are on the rise, and it’s no secret that recent college graduates with engineering degrees are able to find jobs that fit what they studied. Even with all of the jobs available, sometimes it can be quite difficult to actually land one of those jobs. Whether it’s because you’re not searching in the right place or any other reason, it can become frustrating if you’ve been searching for an engineering job yet had no luck finding one.

Sometimes, all it takes to really ramp up your search is some advice on how to best go about searching for engineering jobs. If you’re curious as to some tips on how to land the engineering job of your dreams, check out these tips.

Use Headhunter Companies

Many large engineering firms enlist the help of headhunting companies to find potential hires. You may think this is of no use to you, but these companies can be very valuable for your job search. Many of them allow you to submit your resume to their websites directly in order to improve their database on job seekers, which is great for both you and the company that is using the headhunting service.

The more engineering job placement services you submit your resume to the better chance you have at landing a job. The key is to branch out and submit your resume to job placement services in places like Kansas City, but in other places too. You should devote a significant portion of the time you spend searching for a job to submitting your resume to these headhunting companies, as this might be the best shot you have at getting a job.

Target Specific Employers

Make a list of a few different companies that you would love to work for. After you’ve submitted your resume to different headhunters, devote serious time and effort to getting a job at one of these specific companies. This can be done in a number of ways. Email people at the company and try to set up informational interviews, and during those interviews make sure you ask very specific questions that demonstrate your knowledge and ability relating to the specific employee functions of the company.

After your informational interviews, make sure you stay in constant contact with the person you interviewed, and ask for any information about job openings. Making connections and showing how devoted you are to specific companies should help you land a job, or at the very least build a network that could ultimately lead to a job.

Sign Up for Engineering Job Notices

One way to make sure you see all available jobs is to sign up for weekly emails that provide you with the latest job openings. There are lots of websites that compile engineering job postings in one place and then will email you with a list of them.

Signing up for these email lists will make sure you don’t miss any newly posted engineering jobs, and you’ll be able to apply for jobs quickly after they’re posted. The more you sign up for, the better chance you have at finding the perfect job and ultimately landing it.


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