Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid In India

Discover the strangest customs and rules of behavior in the world. Today we stop in the fascinating and mysterious India. Thousands of tourists from all over the world decide each year to fly to Mumbai or another city of India to visit this immense and fascinating country.

However, India presents traditions and norms of behavior, often of religious inspiration, extremely codified and rooted in the local reality, even if not comprehensible in the eyes of tourists coming from more secular and advanced societies. There are so many pros and cons to travel to India but you must aware of them. Here are top 10 tips to avoid embarrassing situations when you visit the Asian country.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid In India

Shaking Hands Is An Impure Act

To greet your interlocutor do not take the initiative to shake hands. In India this gesture is considered an impure act.

Eye To Clothes

As in any confessional society, even in India it is strongly recommended to dress appropriately, avoiding wearing undershirts or dresses that are too short or short. Take special care not to leave your shoulders and legs uncovered.

It Is Not A Country For Left-Handed People

If you happen to eat with your hands, as usual in India, use only the right hand: the left is considered impure in many regions of the country.

Beware Of Your Feet

Touching people or statues with their feet is badly seen in India. In the same way avoid avoiding people sitting on the floor. Finally, for a health and hygiene question, always avoid walking barefoot.

Predict It With Philosophy

As in most of Asia, even in India, manifest rage is perceived negatively. In any situation you find yourself, you never lose your smile: it will be the best way to get what you want.

Ban On Hugs And Kisses In Public

Do not hug each other and do not hold hands in the streets, especially if you are of the opposite sex. Kisses in public are even forbidden by law.

Cavalry Becomes Rudeness

Offering help or giving a woman a seat on the bus, like other forms of kindness and chivalry, can be considered an insult to India.

Eye To The Children

In order not to hurt the local sensibility it is advisable not to scold the local children, neither to touch their head, nor to make them too many compliments.

Take Off Your Shoes

If you are invited into a room, take off your shoes before entering the house. Do the same to enter the shops where you see other shoes at the entrance.

Tighten The Rows

When you are in a queue in a line you are very close to those who precede you, until you touch it. Otherwise you will be bypassed by the premises.

Advanced Booking

If you are planning your trip in India or thinking about to coming in India you must book your tickets in advance whether they are guides, hotels, flights, trains or luxury trains.


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