Top 5 Fishing Reels for Beginning and Experienced Anglers

If you’re looking for a new fishing reel, your best option depends on your experience level, the type of fishing you prefer and the species you plan to catch. Below is a look at five of the top fishing reels available now for fishermen of all types, including experienced spinning reel enthusiasts, saltwater fishermen, sweet-water fans and top casting fishermen.
1. Shimano Tyrnos Reel
This model is ideal for seasoned saltwater fishermen. This shimano fishing reel  is built with a solid, die-cast aluminum frame and four stainless steel bearings, which are rust-proof for consistently high performance. An oversized handle shank is accompanied by a high-speed five-to-one gear ration, creating an ideal setup for high torque and superior line casting. Several models also feature a switch button that lets users reduce the gear ratio to 2.5 to one or two to one, depending on current requirements and preferences. High crank power is supplied by oversized gears, and the lever-drag system provides top performance under even the harshest conditions. Another primary feature of the Tyrnos is the combination of a twin-pawl anti-reverse system and a ratcheting drag lever.
2. Abu Garcia Abumatic 476-C
Designed for new fishermen, the affordable Abumatic from Abu Garcia is a breeze to learn. Users can propel bait a long way thanks to the Abumatic’s three ball bearings and 3.9 to one gear ratio. The reel supports 135 yards of line and uses 12-pound test for small and medium sized fish. One-touch casting means that fishermen can cast using only a single thumb, and the anti-reverse feature enables one-handed operation. Thanks to the Abumatic’s simplicity, this reel makes spincasting a breeze for beginning fishermen of all ages.
3. Pflueger President Spinning Reel
This spinning reel represents a top value for fishermen who are experienced and interested in primarily large fish. Both casting and retrieval are a breeze thanks the combination of nine ball bearings and a roller bearing. Hook setting is simplified thanks to the reel’s one-way clutch bearing and anti-reverse feature. Visually, this reel is stunning, especially with its optional oversized soft-touch handle knobs and rosewood barrel knobs. The Pflueger is designed to carry between 230 and 104 pounds, so it’s perfect for fishing trout and bass.
4. Daiwa Procaster PT33SH Casting Reel
For fishermen with plenty of experience and the the knowledge of what suits their purposes, the Procaster from Daiwa is simply the fastest reel available. With a gear ratio of 7.1 to one and a cranking retrieval of more than 31 inches of line for each handle turn, it’s no surprise that this reel has a reputation as the fastest bait caster worldwide. The Procaster comes in one piece and is constructed of aluminum. Other features include a 175-yard line capacity and a convenient flipping selector. Finally, the Procaster’s five stainless steel ball bearings ensure that casting and retrieval are always a breeze.
5. Okuma VSystem Spinning Reel
From Okuma, the top name in spinning innovation, comes this mid-range reel with top features for seasoned fishermen. The reel remains stable and the line lays perfectly engaged with the gears thanks to Okuma’s EOS, or elliptical oscillation drive. Okuma’s VSystem technology also features the Dual Drag Force System, or DFD, which works in conjunction with the multi-disk system for consistently smooth functioning. This reel is equipped with as many as 15 corrosion-resistant bearings and features a warranty lasting five years from time of purchase.

Author: Michelle Lee

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