Top 5 In-Demand Jobs In Denmark

Denmark is one of the most beautiful, prosperous, and progressive countries in Scandanavia, and perhaps the world. It is rich in culture, history, and diversity. It used to be that Denmark was largely built on industrial and agricultural markets, but nowadays Denmark is looking to play “catch up” with the rest of Europe. The markets are wide open and there are a lot of available jobs in Denmark. There are a lot of people that would like to work in Denmark for the many benefits, not only for work but also for unemployment. Here are five jobs that are currently in demand in Denmark (in no specific order):

  • Information Technology

Denmark is rapidly growing in the realm of technology, telecommunication, and wireless networks. Since Denmark is historically an industrial and agricultural-based society, they’re trying to play catch up with bigger countries as to information technology. So now, they’re looking for more and more IT people to help them along. IT certification and education requirements in Denmark are just about the same as in every country.

  • Engineering

Engineers in technological fields are in high demand in Denmark because of their rapidly growing and developing industry. Fields such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, information technology, and electrical engineering are making footholds in Denmark as high priority fields in Denmark.

  • Accounting & Finance

Financial accountants are in great demand in Denmark’s growing economy. The Danish banking system is similar to many of other industrialized Western European Countries. Typically, workers in the finance and accounting professions need degrees, especially management workers. Certified public accountants are organized in the Foreningen af Statsautoriserede Revisorer (FSR).

  • Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing agents are especially useful in Denmark because of its innovative furniture products and design concepts. Denmark is a huge producer of medical goods and devices, automatic cooling and heating machines, windmills, measuring equipment, and furniture. It is now looking to promote the image of their products to other European countries and further abroad. No specific educational background is required for entry-level jobs, but they should have a university degree.

  • Management Consultants

There are a lot of opportunities for starting small scale to large scale businesses in Denmark. There’s a big market for management consulting, particularly in the IT sector and in customer relations. Management Consultants in Denmark typically need a degree, and some positions higher up in the ranks might need a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).

Keep in mind that these are only five of the most in demand jobs in Denmark. There are many more possibilities, and even more opportunities. And if you live in Denmark already and are currently in between jobs, you can learn about unemployment funds from sites like this, a Danish page that aims educate about unemployment insurance. Held og lykke!

Nikki dela Paz writes about all things Danish for international readers.


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