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Top 5 Jobs That Require A Straight Faced Approach

Embarrassing Jobs

It’s not that the jobs themselves are necessarily embarrassing, but more that they require those who do the job to keep a straight faced approach at all times. The reasons for needing to do this can vary, from the fact that the job itself may be one that requires discretion and an ability to remain serious at all times, or that you deal with people on a daily basis who make you want to split your sides laughing.

What are the top five jobs, then, that require such an ability to keep a straight face even in the most challenging of circumstances?

Selling “Adult” Materials

Even with the growth of the internet, there are still “private” shops littered across the country that remain doing a healthy trade. To find your nearest one, you can usually find an advert in the bag of a red top newspaper, not that we would advocate that, obviously – or the red top newspaper!

It may not be working in those shops that is the hardest thing to do, but perhaps in a place such as a petrol station where you might get one customer a week buying a top shelf magazine. As mature as we might like to think we are, sometimes we are just overcome with the giggles.

Fitting Room Attendant

For the most part, these jobs happen pretty easily. However, it only takes one person walking out of a changing room their breasts out asking for help to leave you a quivering wreck. Whether they are asking for help in measuring their bra size or just need you to zip them into a dress, some just seem to have no shame!

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Police or Probation Officer

While people in these jobs have to be commended for the great work they do, there is no question that there must be times when the want to laugh. Whether it is at a shoplifter they are arresting for the third time that week on Wednesday, or the probation officer dealing with them after a conviction, sometimes real life can provide some of the funniest moments of all.

Street Performance

Have you ever walked around town and saw a person posing as a gold or silver statue? How difficult must that be to do without bursting into laughter, never mind standing as perfectly still as possible all day!

Walking Billboard

Thankfully this will never be as bad as what Bruce Willis had to do in Die Hard three, but walking around parading the latest offers and sandwiches can be hard work, as well as hugely embarrassing for those with a high level of self-awareness, or just appreciate how outdated and laughable such a marketing method is.

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