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Top 5 Simple Ways To Discourage A Home Break In

Here are the top 5 simple ways you can deter burglars from breaking into your home.

Don’t showboat
Leaving your belongings on show, whether they’re outside your house or inside it makes no difference, is just inviting burglars to break into your property. If you have purchased anything new but particularly televisions, appliances or music and computing electrics, do not leave the box outside – even if it’s in a bin. Any of these items are worth a lot any way but if the burglar has possession of the box and the product they are easier to sell on – not to mention they’re worth more –   so you have less chance of getting them back. Any cars, bikes or scooters should also be kept in a locked garage or locked shed. These are the kinds of items that can be stolen easily, especially at night, so if they’re locked away you’re more likely to be woken by the unusual noise of someone breaking into your garage.

Tricking thieves
If burglars can tell that someone is inside they are less likely to break in to your home. The use of outdoor lighting that can be turned on and off by a timer is a great deterrent, also the use of an outdoor security light. Security lights are triggered when someone or something steps in their path. This would make it impossible for a burglar to walk around the outside of your house without the light flicking on consequently notifying you. If you go out in the evening leave a lamp and the TV on or even the radio downstairs and it’s always a good idea when you go to bed to leave a toilet light on so it looks like someone’s up.

Ensure all windows and doors are locked
You probably think this is an obvious deterrent but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock their front door and I’m sure there’s been a time or two when you’ve forgotten to lock the patio door, back door or window and not realised until you have returned but then it’s too late.

Don’t leave a spare key under a rock or pot
This may seem like a good thing to do but all burglars will look for a key to help them get into the house and a lot of people leave them under a pot or rock.

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Don’t have a key ring with your address showing on your set of keys as they have full access to your house from this and it is costly to get your locks changed.

Prepare before your holiday
Before you go on holiday ask a neighbour or someone you trust to keep an eye on your property. If you have a post box as them to empty it, as an empty post box is a sure sign you are out of town. Asking someone to move your car if it is not in a garage is a clever trick and also ensure you have timers on your inside and outside lights.

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