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Top 5 Types Of Shoes No Man Can Do Without

According to popular belief, men are not really into fashion trends and never pay too much attention to their clothes and shoes. If that were true, then how can you explain the fact that men belonging to certain exclusivist clubs go through the trouble of acquiring K-Swiss, Armani or Vans? While the trend has been going on for several decades, men everywhere are starting to show an honest interest in fashion and especially shoes, now more than ever.

In fact, numerous men’s footwear designers worldwide are finally acknowledging that guys’ shoes were lacking imagination and variety. Even though the introduction of diversity in terms of patterns, design and hues in male footwear is taking place rather slow, this is a welcomed change. While some men have paid attention to their attires for years, others have just realized that their dresser should not include exclusively of sober colors and plain clothes. For those of you who are at the beginning of the road and probably a bit confused, here is a list of the types of shoes that should get your collection started.

Ever since the loafers have made their debut, they enjoyed a great popularity among men and for good reasons: you can wear them without socks, which makes them ideal for summer and they go perfectly with most outfits, except perhaps the office suit attire. In addition, because they are extremely comfortable, loafers are the number one choice for casual outfits. The only negative thing I can think of regarding this type of footwear is that you will have to clean the loafers every time after wearing them, particularly if you get suede leather versions.

The Black Derby
If there’s a type of shoes that you can rely on and have full confidence that they will see you through everything, then it would have to the Black Derby. Considering that you can wear them with any outfit style and irrespective of the event, one thing is for certain: they are never out of place. As a side note, if you purchase a high quality pair and perform maintenance regularly, then the Black Derby footwear will last a lifetime.

White Trainers
Since I realize just how hard it is to give up that comfortable pair of shoes you used to wear as a teen, I’m going to give you some good news: yes, you can still wear a pair of white trainers with most of you casual outfits. Essentially, if you are wearing the trainers with casual clothes my advice is to look for a pair that does not have an excessive amount of printings on it, so that you can clean them easier. However, if simple trainers are not your thing, then consider purchasing tailored shoes that you can pair with suit pants, chinos or anything else you that like to wear frequently easier.

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Desert Boots
If you ask me, the desert boots represent the next best thing after trainers in terms to comfort and casual style. Moreover, while they are not as classy as the Black Derby, they still have that certain something that “yells” smart with a little bit of elegance on top. If you’re the daring type and are not afraid of adding a bit of color to your outfits, then the desert boots are must-have accessories for your wardrobe.

Brown Brogues
Perhaps is due to their brown tones, but brogues were not really among the top choices of men shoes. However, they did make quite an interesting come back a few years ago and most designers suggest that they are here to stay, as they have the ability to complement any pair of jeans you have in the closet and go perfectly well a trendy office suit at the same time. If you are thinking of getting brown brogues and prefer a lighter shade, then I highly recommend you to invest in a quality pair. This way you can be sure they will still look classy after years and years.

A word of advice
When it comes to picking shoes, the importance of the quality of the material cannot be stressed enough. In short, you cannot really expect a $30 pair of snickers to even begin to compare to a $300 one. I’m not saying that you should not bother to check out low priced footwear, but rather that you shouldn’t expect them to last or maintain their original aspect for too long. On the other hand, don’t assume that an expensive pair of shoes that is made from quality leather and is overall more resilient will last for too long if you do not perform regular maintenance on it.

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