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Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) is an Australian company that specialises in accounting and point-of-sale software. MYOB is widely used across New Zealand and Australia and has a good reputation in the industry. There are training options available to either consult in MYOB software or to become an accredited MYOB trainer. These options will be the focus of this article, but first a bit of background on MYOB.


MYOB has a large range of business software products. These can be broadly placed under the categories of accounting software, Human Resources and payroll software, both web and email hosting and, finally, retail and hospitality software. As part of the package they provide customer service and support. Two particularly useful aspects of the customer support is the end-of-year assistance, something many businesses both large and small often require; and quite extensive technical support, which includes online assistance. Another option available on the website is for clients to submit product ideas or suggestions, which is a good way to ensure that your new products match client needs.

MYOB Training

MYOB provides various training options. Their training options include a basic course, an advanced course, a specialist course and a course in MYOB RetailManager – the point-of-sale technology. MYOB provides both in-classroom training and online training. As mentioned there are two further options for certification in MYOB. These are either the certified consultant option or to be an accredited trainer.

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Training to be a certified consultant

This is not a course that you can just walk straight into off the street. First, you must already have extensive experience with MYOB products. There are very strict criteria for the selection of those who enter training for MYOB consultants. These individuals are also reviewed yearly to ensure they meet a certain standard. If you do meet the requirements the training ensures that you are an expert in all aspects of the software that a business would require. These are things like installation, customisation, business needs analysis, product demonstration and more.

MYOB accredited trainers

As one would imagine the cream of the crop of MYOB consultants then go on to become trainers. This means that in order to become an accredited trainer you first need to meet the stringent requirements of a consultant. As MYOB software becomes more widely used, naturally the trainers are more sought after. So far there are seven training facilities across Australia and New Zealand, with an additional online training option.

MYOB is a fast growing business software company. They started off with technology bought in the United States and grew in leaps and bounds. Their software is used today by over a million businesses ranging from small, medium and large. As this company’s footprint grows and they continue to offer additional software options, it becomes an increasingly worthwhile career option to become an MYOB expert.

This post was written by Natalie Simon, a freelance writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Natalie enjoys the challenge of writing on a range of topics, including studying MYOB courses online in Brisbane, Australia.

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