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The oil or gas industry brings a distinctive set of challenges for owners and operators.  As reserves diminish and product demand vacillates, the proficiency, exactness, and dependability of support services become more critical than ever. Ensuring your people and sites are safe and your processes are optimized takes precedence across the supply chain – from extraction that includes progressively higher weights and temperatures to statutory inspection of production assets and asset life extension, entirely through to the transportation of hydrocarbons, which is administered by stringent regulations and standards. In addition, ventures should be conveyed on schedule, securely and cost-viably.

At Spectro-Intelligence LLC, we have a group of spectroscopy consultant in USA that conveys their undertakings in the most productive way. With plentiful learning and experience, our consultants can, without much of a stretch, resolve any of your petrochemical issues and errands. Therefore, it will be the best decision to find support from us.

Reasons for choosing Series 4000 SFC

There are a couple of advantages that make the Series 4000 SFC an exceptionally helpful and handy apparatus to use in the fuel industry. The benefits of it are as per the following:

It is Optimized

The evolution of fuel testing technology has resulted in a user-friendly, robust and powerful Series 4000 SFC.

Quick Response Back Pressure Regulator

The rapid dynamic back-pressure regulator guarantees a precise and constant back pressure (typically within a few psi), regardless of flow rate and with virtually no hysteresis. The incredibly low dead volume keeps fractions from remixing and precipitation develop in the streamline.

Wide Range of Detectors

Fluorescence, UV-obvious, Photometric Diode Array (PDA), and Chiral optical detectors are the range of detectors. Non-optical detectors incorporate FID, ELSD and single-quad mass-spec.

They are Adaptable

All Series 4000 SFC frameworks can be utilized for HPLC – basically switch off the cooling and BPR.

Coordinated Modular System

A fundamental framework for each scale can be adjusted to suit any application, from modifier selection to section radiator type to detector combinations.

Compatible with most systems

SFC frameworks are perfect with most Mass Spectrometers and offer incorporated control for the client.

Adaptable Configurations

The three individual platforms for expository, semi-prep and preparative scales can be altered to suit all applications.

Corporate Responsibility and Management

At Spectro-Intelligence LLC, our worldwide quality confirmation services support exploration and production, designing, refining, testing, inspection, certification, quality, preparing, look into, and related hydrocarbon industry exercises. We can guarantee regulatory consistency of the crude materials that are utilized through all phases of the task life cycle conveyed by technical specialists that incorporate oil and gas and unsafe territory researchers, consultants, engineers, physicists, professionals, and mentors.

From the reservoir to the refinery and beyond, our people are committed to anticipating and meeting your quality, safety, consistency, and performance needs with consistent and solid confirmation solutions. Our technical ability conveys total quality affirmation over the whole oil and gas inventory network – from testing, inspection, and certification to consulting, technical, designing and related services.


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