Trash for Cash: 5 Types of Junk in Your Home That Can Earn You Money

Are you drowning in stuff, needing to move, or just ready to downsize? There are several ways to sell items that no longer serve you. Be aware that selling is faster than donating, which is faster than discarding. However, if you’re organized and stick with it, you can make money off of things you no longer use.


Have your kids outgrown their clothes, or do you need to update your wardrobe? There are several ways to sell clothing your family no longer needs. You can list them on an app like Poshmark, host a yard sale, or visit a clothing exchange for kids and get new to you clothes that are the next size up. You can also cash out on unusable clothes by donating them and itemizing your deduction, taking your payout as an income tax deduction.


Selling your books one at a time may be the most profitable but it can take time. To do this more quickly, try taking some books to Half Price Books. While you wait, they’ll assess your books and let your know what they can offer you. Depending on the store, this will result in store credit or cash.


A simple way to reduce your furniture load is to sell it locally. Simple tools like Craigslist can help you post things and sell them in your area, either by local pickup or your delivery. Be specific in your advertisement about how much you can haul and what they will need to pick up.


You probably have some old electronics sitting around that you’ve been planning to get rid of, but you might not have known that you can sell them instead. There are many repair shops that will happily accept old computers, notebooks and e-readers either for refurbishment or scrapping, and you may be able to get a store credit for a new tool at that time. If you can’t find an electronics store that will take them, other places will take them just for the metal inside of them. For these stores, keep an eye out for other metal too. For example, a simple source of scrap brass can be found at shooting ranges or around target practice sites.


An old car that no longer runs or that you no longer need is a great way to raise a little money on junk that is getting in the way. You will need the title, and it’s a good idea to connect with a notary who can help you transfer the title immediately so there’s no risk of the car being tied back to you at any point in the future. Additionally, if you need to itemize, donating a car is a great deduction.

Rather than paying someone to haul off your old things, make some money off of them. Again, be ready to spend a little more time on these endeavors than a simple donation would take.


Author: Anica O