Truck Dudes: 4 Signs it is Time to Trade in for a Newer Ride

If you are a truck owner, then you need to know the right time to either trade your vehicle in for a newer ride or to hold onto it. It can be overwhelming to figure out that balance sometimes, so it helps to have some signs to watch out for that can make your decision easier. Here are four signs that you should trade in your truck sooner rather than later.


Liquid Left behind after Pulling Out

In the hot summer months, it is common for the air conditioning unit to create extra moisture. This water might drip down and leave small spots. However, it is the other kind of liquid you need to watch out for. Red, green, or black liquid could mean a major leak that would be so costly to repair that it is better to simply trade your truck in.


Clinking Noise Coming from up Front

Your truck should run smoothly in most situations. You should not hear clinking or banging coming from the engine compartment. If you do, it’s time to get it looked at. It could mean that you have major damage to crucial elements of the truck. And that is not something that you want to mess around with.


Rattling and Shaking While Driving

There are various structural elements to your truck that keep it intact while you drive. If these parts become loose or damaged, it could spell disaster for you down the line. A tie rod or other piece of the frame could have come loose in such a way that one big bump could total your truck. This is definitely a sign for a new truck.


Mileage Is Past the Warranty Coverage

You might want to take your vehicle to a used truck dealership and start asking around for trade ins if your mileage is above a certain amount. Each truck is different. However, once you get into the six digits and above, it is usually a safe bet to start shopping for a newer truck.


When it comes to car ownership, it can be tricky. One minute, you are enjoying your truck and everything is going great. The next, you might find a host of problems that mean you should trade it in. So don’t hang onto your truck for too long. Get a better, newer vehicle when the signs above start showing and have peace of mind that you have a truck to suit all of your needs.


Author: Anica O

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