TV Shows That Have Used Military Surplus Clothing In Their Sets

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Military television shows are a favourite for many a people who adore army life. This adoration is emblematic of a sense of patriotism for adults and a sense of heroism for youngsters. It is due to this reason that rather than showcased as news in prime news channels there has been a lot of television series that showcased the lives of military people. Movies like Pearl Harbour have left a deep mark on our senses. But revisiting the struggle of the military personnel every week on your television indeed gives you a feeling of contentment. But there is one thing that is common in these shows and that is the clothing used by the military personnel. They are all military surplus clothing and their popularity as a style statement has been huge.




Revisiting Some Of The Popular Military Based Television Series


There was hardly who did not hear about the popular series ‘Army Wives’ and ‘China Beach’. Both these series used clothing from the military surplus clothing. The character through their acting talent brought out the best about the emotional distress, dilemma that works in the lives of the relatives and loved ones of these who are fighting in the frontier for their country.


TV Shows Brought Popularity To Military Surplus Clothing


The availability of the military clothing was not in vogue a couple of decades ago and only those people used to flaunt it has access to it from their relatives or parents who were into military. But things have changed a lot in comparison to present times. Now the access and availability of military goods, clothing, and merchandise has gone high especially due to the military surplus clothing stores. The use of these clothing in the popular drama series has indeed made the military prints and their uniforms as fashion statements. These clothing has been used as a symbol of protests and humanitarian work, Moreover in this day of globalization, this kind of clothing has been a huge symbol of street fashion. Even the myriad shades of green that are used in the military clothing have been part of fusion fashion experiments. Today military surplus clothing is even used in those television series that are not much based on the lives of military people. Hence today military surplus clothing whether be brand new or even used indeed are a fashion statement that provides an edge to ones fashion statement.


The reason for the huge popularity of military surplus clothing is the acceptability of this as a fashion item for all irrespective of class. Military clothing has a mass appeal which has been consistent for decades.


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