Unique and Amazing Country Homes

Amazing and unique country homes adorn the pages of modern living magazines these days. However, even if you don’t have the most quaint or luxurious country home visible for miles, you can still add to the elegance and charm of your home through the selection of a quality front door. This article will review how the front door of a house can be a lovely sight to see and how inviting a well made and aesthetically pleasing front door can look to visitors.

People have said that you rarely get a second chance to leave a good first impression. The truth is that your own front door might be telling your visitors and neighbors all sorts of things behind your back. What is it saying?

Well, since your front door is going to be one of the primary items visitors and guests notice when they come to your home, if you take the time to make your front door and grand entrance aesthetically pleasing, you can do wonders for the attractiveness of your home. You can also significantly increase the amount of pride that you take in your home by choosing a grand front door. Why not take these steps to increase the curb appeal of your home and your personal enjoyment of it?

People are often surprised to learn that the front door is typically the single first thing noticed by visitors. It is also the most prominent part of most houses. Not only does a good front door command attention and set the tone regarding people’s overall impressions of your home, a good front door is symbolic of a personal statement and commitment to excellence.

The entry of a country home becomes more unique and amazing when you use it to announce exactly who you are and what you have to offer to your guests. It tells guests what you believe in, what your personality is like, and why they should come to your home and what they should expect.

A front door is a gateway of sorts; it represents an entrance and a change of pace from the great outdoors. As a result, the more time and attention you put into designing a front door that truly reflects your inner aesthetic, the more likely you will be to have visitors who truly appreciate all that you have to offer.

There have been studies from homes and visitors throughout the globe that indicated the potential impact a home’s grand entrance can add to the home’s perceived value. In fact, there is a mathematical relationship between how attractive people think country homes are, how much they think the homes are worth, and how good the front doors of such homes look.

The difference between a home with a typical six panel door with clear sidelights and a home with a decorative doorglass setup with coordinating sidelights was up to 10 percent in the perceived value of the home. This, as you can expect, was far more than the door and decorations actually cost. In other words, a good door suggests a good home.


Author: Michelle Lee