Upcoming movies: Venom

The first in series from Sony’s Marvel Universe, that has already become the talk of the town is their upcoming movie called Venom. It is based on a Marvel Comics character of the same name where a journo named Brocks is associated with an amorphous extraterrestrial fictional character belonging to Symbiotes that bonds with him to give make him super powerful. The character Venom first made his appearance in Spider-Man 3 in 2007. Set to release in the United States of America and India in the first week of October this year, the children are already pepped up about watching this movie.

Not to be left behind, parents too are in full mood to let Venom overpower them and take them on this poison-filled fictional journey. It would be interesting to watch American actor Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/ Venom working in tandem with the alien symbiote to transform him from a simple journalist to a monster. The teaser of the movie has already been liked by so many of the Marvel fans that the wait now seems to be impossible.

Since the release is just around the corner and the Indian theatres in all the cities have already started accepting advance booking for this upcoming movie, you are lucky if you are still able to get available seats first day first show. If the first show is sold-out already, you are just in time to book tickets for the following weekend. Won’t it be sad if your colleagues and friends who watch the movie before you start discussing about the story and the actors without you being able to express your viewpoint?  Don’t be left behind – book the tickets now so that you are able to catch the show on time.

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