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A good quality washing machine can make a whole lot of difference in your life. If you buy a cheap washing machine that is in a poor state, it will not only cost you more money on repairs, but also be less energy-efficient than the current of modern washing machines. Below are some tips and hints on what to look for.

If your are dependent on the laundrette and need a heavy duty washing machine, then there are quite a few to choose from. Industrial washing machines are designed not only to handle greater loads, but also to complete the clean cycle in a fraction of the time that it takes for a non-commercial device to do so. Industrial washing machines are built for more heavy duty usage and should last longer than a domestic machine.

What features to look for.
Do not pay out for features that you simply won’t use. And never suppose that by buying a more expensive device you’re buying better quality. Usually, all the devices made by a particular maker will share the same components and will be built to the exact same requirements. You will not get a longer lasting machine by buying a manufacturer’s best design. In reality, the best model will have more bells and whistles, but not necessarily more usable in an everyday setting. More expensive units should last you longer and be more energy-efficient, but you will have to compare models to truly find out which one are the best.

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The Current Crop.
Many of the current crop of washing machine models should be very energy-efficient, both with electrical energy and water consumption. In previous models, especially with spin dryers, a lot of energy is used in the process, so users would be very reluctant to wash or dry their clothes more than a few times a week. Check manufacturers specifications for what are the energy consumption levels are on each washing machine. This will mean some investments of time on your part, but it may save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Energy consumption
How much water you use in a wash cycle is also very important. Energy efficient washing machines are optimised to use only the water they need and hopefully no more. Certain wash cycles on the best washing machines are optimised for certain types of clothing and washing conditions. One of these is the soil level of your washing. If you regularly wash heavily soiled clothing, then your washing machine should have a setting optimised for this type of washing.

It is very important these days that you buy a washing machine that is not only energy efficient but also saves on the amount of water you use. We are using almost 50% more water than we did 25 years ago, so any devices we use in the home that can save on energy and water consumption, is a good idea. Do some basic research and hunting online for the best models, then read a few reviews and note which are the most energy-efficient. Make a shortlist of these models and and find the best prices you can online.

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