Ways of Staying Green on Vacation

You can minimize your negative impact on the planet while traveling by incorporating some eco-friendly habits into your itinerary. By finding ways to be better to nature, you’ll be doing something good for the world while enjoying your leisure time. Here are four great ideas for staying green on vacation.

Bring Reusable Water Bottles 
By bringing your own reusable water bottles, you won’t have to purchase disposable plastic bottles that may be taken to landfills once you’ve disposed of them. According to EcoWatch, one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed each year from discarded plastic products in the oceans, and you certainly won’t want to contribute to this problem while on vacation. Even if you make a conscious effort to try to recycle plastic water bottles, they could still up in landfills or on the side of the road if they fall out of a truck while being transported.

Visit a National Park 
A greener alternative to going to a theme park is to visit one of the many national parks. Theme parks rely heavily on electricity, gas and other resources to operate their rides and eating centers, and you’ll be doing your part to use less energy and help the environment by spending your vacation in a more natural setting. Hiking, boating and going on wild animal sighting excursions are just some of the exciting activities that you’ll enjoy at a national park.

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Find Alternatives to Air Travel 
If it’s possible, you can try alternatives to air travel that are better for the environment. Most commercial airplanes require large amounts of fuel usage and are known to release harmful pollutants into the air. Instead, try traveling by road in a hybrid RV or camper from Austrack Campers or another dealer. If you’re really serious about keeping the air clean, you can try taking a cycling trip to reach your destination by bike.

Turn Off Your Thermostat 
You can even establish greener travel habits before leaving on your trip by turning your thermostat off completely. Unless you need to keep the inside of your home cooler or warmer for pets, there’s generally no reason to leave your thermostat running while you’re away. Turning your thermostat off can also save you a lot of money on utilities. However, you may need to keep your heat running for part of the time to prevent your pipes and appliances from freezing if outdoor temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

Traveling in an eco-friendlier way can be highly rewarding for both you and the environment. Just a few simple modifications to how you travel can make a big difference.

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