Ways To Save Money In The Home

Due to the recession the world is faced with, paired with inflation and sluggish increases, everybody is trying to save money where they can. In recent news, the UK has seen the nation’s cleaning bills drop by £1.1 billion in just two years, as people are opting to do things around the house themselves. In this interesting article, we look at ways to save money around the house in regards to cleaning and other elements. As seen in the UK, a significant amount of money can be saved in terms of cleaning and other maintenance of a property, here is how.

Best Ways To Save Money In The Home

Cut down on, or do all of your home cleaning yourself

This is one of the best ways to save money in the home and on bills. Many households hire cleaners to help around the house and this can add up. Either lower the number of days a cleaner comes in to work, or do not have a cleaner at all and with the help of your family or the people you live with, do all the cleaning yourself.

Dog walkers

Many families with dogs sometimes do not have the time to walk their dogs every day, thus hire a dog walker to help in this regard. Dog walkers can be relatively expensive and you do not purely hire one form from time to time, but rather on a daily basis. If you are incredibly busy and really do not have the time to walk your dogs every day, limit the times the dog walker walks the dogs and schedule once or twice a week where you are able to do so, or if you are able, walk the dogs yourself every day.


Some of us may have not been blessed with green fingers or genuinely do not have the time to garden. This is why gardening services can be a lucrative business but more and more people are deciding to do their own gardening as this is a great way to save money on bills. Not only will doing your own gardening save you money, it could also become an enjoyable past time as it is known to be therapeutic.

Milk and vegetable delivery

Many people across London and the UK still get fresh milk, bread and vegetables delivered which is very convenient but adds up in terms of bills. One of the best tips to save money in the home and on bills is to cancel these deliveries and purchase your essentials at one time when doing your shopping.


Jemma Scott is an avid freelance writer with an interest in an array of different subjects. Her inspiration for this article came from her doing all her housework with a  carpet cleaner and saving on cleaning bills.


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