Weather Woes: 4 Exterior Home Repairs To Consider After A Major Storm

A major storm hits and your home is left in a bad shape. Perhaps it may not be in ruins, but the storm definitely left some marks that will make you consider having repairs. This is a reality that is quite possible for many people living in the United States. According to the Hurricane Research Division, at least 13 moderate to major storms and hurricanes hit the US every year.

Weather Woes: 4 Exterior Home Repairs To Consider After A Major Storm

As a homeowner, you may be skeptical about doing the repairs yourself as it may lead to more expenses when not done right. Unless you have the skills of an expert handyman, it may ideal to leave the dirty job to the professionals. Here are the four most important repairs that you should prioritize after a storm damages your home.

Roof Repairs

Once a storm hits, your house may be susceptible to leaks due to damages on your roof. Either a flying debris hit a portion of your roof or the wind’s force broke some of the sealants you used in the previous years, most of the repairs usually involve closing up leakages. An average roof repair would range from $700-1300 depending on the scope of damage and type of material.

Siding Replacement

Another cause of worry is when a portion of your exterior sidings have come off due to the winds and rains brought about by the storm. Aside from making your home look disheveled, ruined sidings also pose a risk of poor insulation. This is especially true during winter time. Sidings, like those that Select Exteriors installs, provide an extra padding of protection to the outer walls of your home to prevent natural elements from seeping in.

Window Replacement

A storm may be so bad that it would cause some of your windows to break. Although most glasses used in windows are shatterproof, a few may not be able to withstand the force of wind or debris that would come across the vicinity of your home. A window replacement may be necessary in this case, even in moderate cracks. Replacing cracked windows can prevent future accidents caused by shattered glass.

Lawn Repair

The storm may also bring a lot of damage to your front and back lawn. Aside from uprooted plants or fallen trees, you may also notice cracks on the concrete of your front lawn steps. You may opt to inquire about landscaping services to help re-beautify your home’s facade, or you can opt to do DIY landscaping.

Having your home hit by a major home can be devastating and have an emotional toll. Hopefully, however, the above tips will help prepare you for such a situation so that you know what to do in the aftermath.


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