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What Are The Best Ways To Thicken Your Hair

The common misconception is baldness only happens to men. The truth is it affects both men and women, but somehow due to different reasons.

Causes of Hair Loss

Do not panic if you seem to be losing 150 strands of hair each day, this is still normal. Hair ages and has its own life span. When it reaches its resting phase, it will eventually shed. As this happens, new hairs also grow to replenish this loss. However, you should be bothered if you start noticing patches of bald areas on your scalp.

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For most men, hair loss is caused by genetic factors, something they inherited from one or both parents, while women suffer them due to a hormone imbalance. Another cause is age, because as people grow old, the rate by which hair grows also slows down. Stress can also trigger a temporary bout of hair loss or thinning, but once the stress is managed, the body’s system recovers and normal hair growth starts again.

Improper nourishment can also make hair break and shed easily, eventually leading to baldness. Other probable causes are diseases and as a side effect of harsh medical treatments and strong drugs.

Effects of Hair Loss

Aside from the obvious physical effect of having a bald scalp, hair loss can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Going bald at an early age can give the impression of old age, a common cause of anxiety for both sexes. Furthermore, sufferers often isolate themselves because of shame, and this lack of confidence can hinder one’s personal and professional success due to missed out opportunities. This is why, men and women alike, aim to find and try all means to bring back their healthy hair and improve their self-image.
Hair loss due to a genetic cause is hard to re-grow, but if detected at an early stage, the effects of thinning can be delayed. For proper treatment, it is best to have yourself checked by a doctor so you can determine the real cause of your hair loss. Aside from hair thickening products, medicines, and supplements, sometimes a quick fix can also make your hair look thick and healthy.
Get a haircut that adds volume to your hair. Blow drying also helps but do not overdo it or you will damage your hair with too much heat.
Wash your hair regularly because dirty hair becomes oily and eventually looks limp and thin. Instead of combing, try using your fingers to dry your hair to add some texture.
Nourish your hair from the inside by taking supplements of Vitamin D and B12. Biotin is also a good catalyst to increase the rate of hair growth and to make it strong.
From the outside, nourish your hair and scalp with essential oils like lemon grass, tea tree, basil, rosemary, and lavender. Rub some aloe vera gel on your scalp to make it healthy and clean.
Minoxidil solutions are available over the counter but should be used properly according to instructions.
Hair transplant is also an option, and although quite expensive, it does offer favorable results.

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