What Are UV-Coated Business Cards?

Business cards are a necessary component of the business world. Not only do they serve as a quick introduction, but they are also the perfect way to ensure that potential customers will be able to easily remember you and contact you in the future.

Contrary to common belief, though, not all business cards are created equal. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is imperative to invest some time and effort into creating a great business card.

Have you ever heard of UV coating for business cards? Ultraviolet (UV) coating is a printing technique that

instantly informs others that your company fully understands the importance of quality.

How are UV Cards Made?
The design of your business cards will be laid out and applied, and then the ink will be allowed to dry. Once this process is completed, the cards will then be run back through a special printer that is able to apply an even layer of UV liquid. To finalize the process, the freshly coated cards will be placed underneath a UV light and treated with heat to set the coating. Businesses also utilize UV coating to enhance the appearance of their marketing materials and envelopes as well.

A Glossy Exterior
The UV coating process will make your business cards or other promotional materials develop a noticeably glossy exterior. Some manufacturers have begun simulating this glossy appearance with laminates and varnishes, but these finishes do not strengthen the overall quality of the card like UV coating does. Unlike standard business cards, those that have been treated with a UV coating are much more firm.

Vibrant Colours
UV liquid contains photo initiators, and this provides treated business cards with bright, vibrant colours that are certain to grab attention. The ink on each of these cards will also dry at the same time, and this means that there will be no smudging, and the easy to read text will stand out.

When you decide to create UV coated business cards, you are making a very minimal investment that will provide you with big returns. After all, most business cards are not UV coated and they have the tendency to smudge and break down rather quickly. In fact, field testing indicates the UV coated business cards and other promotional materials are able to stand the test of time even if they are carried in a wallet or put on display in a sunny area. The abrasion and chemical resistant properties contained within the UV coating will keep your cards looking great no matter how much abuse people put them through.

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