What Benefits Does Your Company Accrue With A Janitorial Insurance?

Are you running a janitorial or cleaning service? If you are in this business, you will realize that there are a number of risks you may face during work. With janitors, workspace could be anywhere including hospitals, hotels, apartments, offices or private homes. Accidents could happen anywhere at any time and that’s when janitorial insurance comes in. There are a number of benefits that your cleaning business can gain by this insurance cover. These include:

What Benefits Does Your Company Accrue With A Janitorial Insurance


Most clients will expect you to be insured before hiring you for the job. When you are covered by your agent, clients find you credible and will more likely offer you the contract. You tend to stand out amongst your competitors because clients feel assured that in case of anything it will be sorted out by the help of your insurance.

Safety of your Employees

Your employees’ safety lies solely on you. When using power tools and chemical substances, chances are that they could hurt themselves. Providing protective gear alone is not enough to secure the lives and health of your workers. This insurance covers partly the medical bills in case your employee is injured when at work.

Protects your Equipment

Machines that enable you to carry out your cleaning services need to be protected too because they are the biggest asset you have. Some equipment costed you a fortune to acquire thus are worth securing. When you subscribe to this cover you will get a hand in fixing or replacing in case of damage.

Business Car Safety

Another asset that gets secured under the janitorial insurance is the company van. Commercial cleaning services understand the gravity of not having an operational car to attend to their clients when called upon. Therefore, this is a benefit that you cannot miss out on.

Facing Law Suits Head On

In the cleaning services, mistakes such as slippery floors could probably lead you straight to the doors of a courtroom. This not only costs you your reputation but also money for legal defense. Prevention measures for such occurrences may not be achievable thus investing in insurance that covers this will come in handy. Not only will it help you pay for your lawyer’s quotation but it also helps you pay for damage if the courts do not rule in your favor.

Fire Protection

A number of cleaning detergents and chemicals used for janitorial work are flammable and given a number of triggers it will light up. Fires are very destructive and will cost you a lifetime if it gets out of hand. Assuming an employee forgot did some waxing on the floors and dropped a lit cigarette butt, the place will definitely light up. If not contained early, other assets of your client will be engulfed by the fire. Always confirm with provider what fire protection provisions you can enjoy.

Property Damage

Accidents are inevitable and in some circumstances may cause damage to your client’s property. This ultimately causes you a lawsuit and that is why you need a backup when such damages occur.

Explore these benefits for better workmanship in future.


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