What can a White Kitchen do for the Look of Your Home?

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is one of most important rooms in your house. It has to combine form with functionality, often used for a variety of different purposes. Fitting out a kitchen can be quite a financial commitment so it’s vital to choose a look that is going to work for you long-term. One of the hottest trends right now is for white kitchens. So what will this do for the look of your home?

Contemporary chic

One impression that a white kitchen creates is that of contemporary sophistication. Using stainless steel fixtures gives an industrial feel to the room, almost as if it were a professional kitchen. This is especially true if ultra-modern accessories are included, such as a large range-style cooker or over-sized fridge. Modern white gloss kitchens are the ultimate in sleek chic but a matt finish can work just as well if you are looking for effortless style. Frosted white glass adds another texture that works beautifully to create a dramatic contrast. Choosing such a bold kitchen requires careful balancing – too many stark, plain surfaces might result in a room that feels more like a hospital or science lab. If you are unsure about decorating the entire room in pure white, break up the colour scheme with contrasting work tops or an eye-catching floor. Slate and granite make a real impact or add copper, ceramic or wooden accessories for a slightly softer, timeless look.

white gloss kitchens

Perfectly versatile

One of the main advantages of using white as the primary colour-scheme is that it provides the perfect backdrop to the rest of your décor. Fitting a kitchen is an investment in your home and you don’t want to choose a high-fashion colour-scheme that will quickly go out of date. You might love bright colours but when it comes to selling your house they may be less attractive to potential buyers. A neutral shade for the kitchen gives you a blank canvas to adorn as you please, adding colourful blinds, bright furniture or a vibrant splashback. The beauty of this is the freedom to change the entire look of your kitchen relatively cheaply by adding different accessories.

Urban white semi gloss kitchen

Light and airy

White is always a popular choice when it comes to decorating as it makes any room feel more spacious. The kitchen is no exception to this, with so much storage required and so many essential fixtures to include. It’s easy for the room to feel cramped so give a light and airy feel by including as many pale tones as possible. Not only are white kitchens extremely practical as dirt and spilt food are easy to see and wipe away, they also bring a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene to the room that is very pleasing.

Whether your style is contemporary and bold or elegant and timeless, a white kitchen will add instant impact to your home. For the ultimate in versatility, it’s the perfect choice.


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