What Does The Colour Of Your Room Say About You?

What colour you choose to decorate your room with can say a lot about your personality. Different room colours have their won meanings, and can be tied to personality traits like having an even temper, or being a naturally tidy person. Even though you may think about how the colours you choose are there for aesthetic reasons only, they may actually provide some insight into how you relate to your surroundings. Particularly popular colours like basic white, blue and green, or more unusual shades like black or purple can be a useful measure of your mood, and are explored in more detail below:

1 – White

Basic white walls can either be the sign of someone who hasn’t managed to start painting yet, or can’t decide on what colour they want for their rooms. However, keeping clean white walls can also reflect a commitment to cleanliness, and a practical look that can be enhanced through artwork and furniture.

2 – Yellow

Using the colour yellow for your walls is generally a sign that you have a positive and playful mood, and want to extend that your home. Yellow has also been shown to aid concentration, and to boost energy in dining rooms and bathrooms.

3 – Blue and Green

Both blue and green provide calming and soothing shades that can reflect a person who is relaxed and meditative, or at least wants to be. Whether used individually, or mixed together, these colours are a good indication of a peaceful mind.

4 – Red

Red coloured walls are a striking choice that highlight a passionate and creative personality. Red shades are often combined with blacks to create a stimulating atmosphere, although it is worth using very bright reds in moderation to avoid them becoming too intensive.

5 – Brown

Brown is ideal for a natural look for a house, with its earthy tones on walls indicating someone who wants a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, as well as a more traditional design. Brown curtains can be combined with heavy window blinds and fabric, in this way, to increase relaxation.

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6 – Orange

Like yellow, orange is traditionally associated with energy, and can demonstrate a positive personality, which can in turn shape the decor of the rest of a house. Exercising rooms and children’s rooms particularly benefit from orange colours.

7 – Purple

A more unusual choice, purple can show a sophisticated personality when used in moderation, and can also be used for brighter shades with lavender and lilac to create the sense of a bold personality.

8 – Black

Although typically offset by another colour to create a monochrome effect, black can be viewed as a sign of an introspective and artistic personality.

9 – Pinks

Pink colours around a home bring light and femininity to a space, and can reflect a playful nature. However, it’s important to avoid overusing pink, which can be offset by silvers.
Lighter – purple; femininity – careful overpowering; silvers

10 – Greys and Charcoal

Different shades of grey and charcoal, when used in moderation, can establish a more sombre space, and can be used to add distinction to dining rooms, and as a way of dampening brighter colours through wallpaper trims.

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