What Is Special About Buying Handmade Items?

Handmade goods are sometimes more costly than their counterparts which are mass-produced. So why is it that many of us are willing to spend that extra dollar?

What Is Special About Buying Handmade Items?

Here are some reasons for preferring to buy handmade items:

  • Buying handmade supports certain craftsmen, small communities and individuals.
  • Handmade items are not mass-produced. So they are unique and special.
  • Handmade items reflect the personality of their craftsmen. One is connected to the people who make these objects and enjoy the value of their creativity. For example, many sell handmade paintings online.
  • You are supporting craftsmen financially and encouraging their craft by providing fare wages. Knowing that you are supporting the creative effort of the craftsmen is an invaluable feeling, even if it costs more.
  • One can enjoy the story behind the products. With very handmade item, there is a unique story. ¬†Every item is fashioned with love and care rather than in a factory for the masses. Very often handmade items include details of persons behind them. This is true at art fairs and craft demonstrations.
  • You can join in: If a particular handmade item piqued your interest, you can even think of taking classes to learn the craft.
  • Help the economy: Buying from small businesses help in creating jobs and raising incomes of craftsmen, thus helping the economy.
  • Help the environment: Hand crafted items have lesser carbon footprint and less use of fossil fuels. Handmade is more green not only by using less commercial energy but also with the use of recycled or environment friendly material.
  • More value: A hand crafted item is imbued with more positive energy; the artisans truly enjoy creating the item.
  • Give direct support to artisan: Today, there is a need for big support to traditional arts and crafts. Buying hand crafted items is a great way to express support for special but dying arts and crafts.
  • Support local community: Buying from small businesses help to buildup community as wages get spent in the local economy.
  • Conscious decision: Buying handmade is a conscious decision and ensures that you know where your dollar is going to be spent.
  • Endowed with love: This is perhaps the most important reason to buy hand made. Such items are endowed with love of the creator. This quality of love is totally evident in a handmade item. It is like fairy dust spread all over the product.
  • Ideal for gifts: When you want to convey your intense feelings for a person you love, what better way than gifting an item which has been created with love?
  • Using talents: Buying and using handmade items means that you are making use of the talents of a craftsman, which you totally lack.
  • More than a product: A handmade products is not merely that- it involves originality, creativity and love.
  • Aids human rights: Buying handmade truly supports artisans. It does not encourage unfair trade practices and use of sweat shops that deny workers fair wages.
  • Precious: Hand crafted items are created with love and thought. So they are truly priceless works of art for which many people do not mind spending more.
  • Easily accessible: Nowadays there are numerous websites to sell handmade items which source hand crafted items from all around the world.

These are some reasons on why to go in for hand crafted items.


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