What Is Up With New York City?

What is up with New York City? I was just talking to a dog walker who works in my building and he was saying how New York City is getting more dangerous and more and more people are getting  their apartments or houses broken into.  And I standing there thinking, “Really?”.  I live in New York City. It’s not that bad. Then I turn on the television this morning and it turns out there was this crazy shooting by the Empire State Building. Okay, it wasn’t terrorist related. I guess that’s a good thing. The Empire State Building isn’t that far from where I live. Two weeks ago I went to a nutritionist whose office is RIGHT across the street where the shootings take place. From a news helicopter they keep showing the shooter dead and sprawled out on Fifth Avenue with a white sheet over him. He’s right in front of Heartland Brewery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there! My nutritionist’s office is right across the street from Heartland Brewery. There’s a Wendy’s across the street from Heartland which I ALWAYS got to. And now they’re saying one of the other people who were shot died at the hospital. My friend just texted me saying the shooter was fired yesterday and he went back to the store where he worked and shot the manager! This is nuts! Seriously! What is going on? The newscaster said that the person who died in the hospital was the manager

Even if it was a workplace dispute and not a crazy killer this all still makes a New Yorker nervous not just about my safety on the streets but I start thinking about what that dog walker said about more and more apartments and houses being broken into. My friend who texted me just sent me another text about Protect America. This company offers home security solutions and apparently has received many awards. Right away I go to the Internet to check it out. It looks like they have a lot of options for home security something which I now think I need!

I just saw Malcolm Smith, a state senator from Queen, New York on TV.  He said New York City is still the safest big city in the United States. Well, even if that is true, Protect America is looking pretty good right now.

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