What To Consider When Selling a Rolex Watch Online

black-dlc-rolexAlong with Cartier and Omega, Rolex is one of the most respected watch manufacturers in the world. As many people want to own a Rolex watch, it can be sold by its owner for its true value. When deciding to sell a Rolex watch online, there are many things to consider:

Should it be serviced?

When a Rolex watch has a fault, its value can decrease slightly. If any faults are not mentioned on an advertisement, a full refund might be demanded by the person who buys it. Before selling a Rolex watch online, it should be serviced. By asking for help from a specialist that is officially recognised by Rolex, any faults are resolved. Although Rolex designs its watches so that they can be used for decades, faults can happen. By having it serviced, the person that buys a Rolex watch won’t wish to return it because it works perfectly.

Does the owner still have a Certificate of Authenticity?

Proof that a Rolex watch is genuine, it is important to have a Certificate of Authenticity. Without it, doubts can be raised regarding if a Rolex watch is genuine. If a Rolex owner has lost a Certificate of Authenticity, a copy can be obtained from an official Rolex dealer, such as a jeweller. Rolex themselves can even issue a copy of this document. By contacting Rolex and providing all of the relevant information, a Certificate of Authenticity can be issued to its current owner.

Find its original box

Although not necessary, a Rolex watch can be sold along with its original box but many Rolex owners no longer have it – it’s in their best interests to find it because they could get a higher price for a Rolex watch. When a box isn’t damaged and is in mint condition, a far better price than expected could be paid for it.

Consider all options

There are many places to sell a Rolex watch online, such as a website that provides quotes. By entering the necessary information onto a contact form, such as if a Rolex owner has a Certificate of Authenticity and what its serial number is, a box will be sent. After sending a Rolex watch, it will be assessed and a quote will then be issued. The current owner of a Rolex watch can refuse it, such as if it is below their asking price. When a quote is accepted, funds can be transferred into a bank account within a couple of hours – it can even be done after sixty minutes.

EBay is another option for selling a Rolex watch. By setting a Reserve Price, a Rolex watch won’t sell for less than what it is worth. As much information about a Rolex watch should be provided, such as its serial number and if a Certificate of Authenticity exists. Consequently, more bids can be placed for it, in particular because bidders can check via its serial number if a Rolex watch is genuine.

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