What To Consider When Selling Your Car Yourself

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If you want to maximize the amount of money you get for your used car, doing it yourself is certainly the way to go. A dealer is convenient, but this convenience comes at the price of getting less money for your vehicle. But that increased profit does come at a cost in that you have to do everything yourself, and it takes more time and effort. If you want to go this route, here are a few important points to consider.

Lay It All Out in the Online Ad

The great thing about online ad sites like Backpage and Craigslist is you can write a nice, hefty ad for your vehicle. You have an opportunity to really let people know about your car, and the more detail you give, the more likely it is anyone contacting you is truly interested. So, make sure you lay it all out. Take pictures of the car from every angle, and don’t leave out a thing. Be honest with any problems it has…people don’t expect a used car to be perfect .Be super-descriptive, and don’t use vague terms. If the car was ‘well-maintained’ specify how so, like you changed the oil like clockwork, or you had it detailed every three months and it’s spotless. Think of the people who would be most interested in your type of car and tailor the ad to appeal to them.

 What To Consider When Selling Your Car Yourself

To Fix Up or No to Fix Up

Whether or not to fix any issues with the car before selling will ultimately depend on many individual factors such as the extent of work necessary, how old the car is, and how much you think the repairs could increase the value of the vehicle, and whether it would be profitable enough considering the cost. Someone handy with cars, for instance, could purchase auto parts from a salvage yard, do the work himself and spend minimum out of pocket. Carefully consider this, and if you decide to sell the car ‘as is’ it is doubly important to be transparent about any issues it may have.

Be Cool

There is a very good chance many people coming to you are doing so because they want to avoid dealing with used car salesmen. While you can’t lump them all together as smarmy crooks, in general, there are enough to have led to this stereotype, and this can be a high-pressure environment which makes many people uncomfortable. So don’t be like them when dealing with people who express an interest in your car and come to see it. Be friendly. Don’t put a lot of pressure on people. Don’t be evasive in answering questions…be honest and open. Don’t try to make the car more than it is. Don’t try to be super-persuasive. If you are dealing with a couple, don’t disregard the woman because this is typically man-territory. While generalizations may hold true, and it is the man that knows more about the cars, there is a good chance the final purchasing decision will be made by the Mrs.


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