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What To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria and the second most popular city in all of Australia. This city is packed full of attractions for all visitors who put it on their destination list. Melbourne is a beautiful city scene with a background of rich Aboriginal cultural heritage and history. Visitors get a taste of what the country has to offer by sampling unique delicacies synonymous to the country of Australia. In simple terms, Melbourne has something for everyone who comes to visit. Here are some of the attractions that the city has to offer.

The Melbourne Marvel
This is presented to visitors in the shape of Federation Square; it is one of the world’s premier public masterpieces and is located in the heart of Melbourne. The aspirational architectural genius behind its existence makes it a sight to behold. It is set on an entire city block and houses a wide range of places to visit while in Melbourne. With several great quality events and places to choose from federation square is a true visitor’s favorite. A good thing about it is the accessibility factor; it is located adjacent to Melbourne’s busiest railway station so it’s assured to stay a buzz of activity all year long.

Cultural Site
If you come to Australia for the culture, you may consider visiting the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. This excellent monument is dedicated to all the Australians who have lost their lives in wars and peacekeeping missions across the world. It gives the visitors an environment to learn about the history and cultural practices and reflect on the aboriginals.

Melbourne Cuisine
For those in Australia for the cuisine, Melbourne has this well covered. With high quality restaurants ready to take up the challenge as far as providing the best Australian foods are concerned, the culinary delights are readily available for all visitors to sample. The Graham Hotel, located in Melbourne, is a pioneer in this area as it constantly offers its customers a wide menu of Australian foods to tantalize the taste buds.

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Historical Scenery
The Australian history is fully covered by the Melbourne Museum of natural history. Visitors who choose to visit this serenely set museum will sample at great length and depths, what the country’s history entails. This museum offers visitors a chance to view the very first mind exhibition known as “The Mind: enter the labyrinth.” This is the first exhibition of its kind worldwide and it’s located in the Melbourne Museum. That alone could be reason enough to visit this great city. The Melbourne museum also offers all the usual museum artifacts which give details to the historical transformation of the country. The museum is an excellent attraction for people with families as the kids can enjoy the children’s gallery while grown-ups sample the rest of the museum.

To top it all off, the Melbourne night scene is hip and happening. After a long day enjoying the attractions, visitors have the option of choosing how they spend the night in the city. The city has comedy clubs, bars and restaurants which provide good quality service to night revelers. All this is made possible by the excellent Melbourne transportation structure which allows visitors to conveniently move from one attraction to another.

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