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Which Is Your Business Backup Solution?

Reliability and recovery capacity using these tools was low, but regardless of this, even mission-critical information and business data needed to be stored somewhere, and these were the tools that people had to depend upon at all times.

Fortunately, it is not hard to find an advanced business backup solution, and backing up data without the fear of its destruction is no longer a concern. Three such strategies are listed below, and refer to the IT strength that the business holds.

Businesses that have a dedicated IT department
If there is a dedicated IT department in your office, you can choose from the whole range of backup strategies. Strong IT staff is one mandatory requirement for this since you would require server administration skills, and might also need to customise or formulate a unique backup plan for your business.

Benefits include reduced data management expenses due to advanced archiving and documentation technology, improved access in remote locations, and the ability to manage and control data expansion.

Businesses having limited IT support
A stand-alone server could be used in offices having minimal IT staff, maybe 1 or 2 would be  enough, as it is not only easy to install, but would also eradicate conventional software/server maintenance chores. Benefits include a sharp decline in complications and hazards of operation, reduced ownership costs and of course enhanced reliability.

Businesses with no on-site IT support
Online data backup is ideally the best business backup solution for offices that have no in-house IT support. Also known as ‘cloud backup’, the application used for back-up is located off-site.

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Online data backup is subscription-based, charging customers a periodic fee for back-up, thus eliminating all the upfront expenses of hardware, software and staff salaries required for backing up data in the traditional way. Connection is established between the client office location and the service provider’s secure off-site data storage centre. This is often believed to be the best data storage solution for businesses having 1 or 2 computers in the office, and a workforce that operate remotely.

Benefits include consistent and incremental automated back-up, affordability, reliable data protection, enhanced security, and excellent recovery speed.

All these business backup strategies make protection and recovery of data quick and cost-efficient. The one you choose depends on your circumstances, but should fit your requirements fully.

This article was written by data backup expert, David Hamer.

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