Why Choose Roofing Felt

The benefits of roofing felt
Many people see their house as their sanctum, a home to protect both themselves and their family, which is why it is important to try and provide as much protection as possible. With the unpredictable nature of the Great British weather, it is essential to cater for wet and damp conditions, especially with winter on its way.

What does it do?
Roofing felt is designed to provide a dry and healthy environment for your home. Initially created to protect a house from being flooded whilst shingles are fixed, roofing felt is now used as a revolutionary way to prevent the entry of moisture and is favoured by numerous people up and down the country.

What are the benefits of roofing felt?
There are endless reasons why people turn to roofing felt, not least due to its reputation as a proven roofing method. Having been utilised by so many homeowners during recent years it has earned a solid name in the DIY industry.

Due to the nature of its surface, roofing felt also offers a much safer working environment, thanks to the reduced chance of workers slipping or tripping on the job.

Another reason roofing felt is so favoured among homeowners and suppliers alike, is down to its flexible nature. Felt roofing can be applied to any size job, making it a popular and convenient choice for virtually anyone. Thanks to its properties, it can even be applied to a variety of different surfaces. Whether your roof is flat, curved or pitch, felt roofing can provide not only a suitable option but also a particularly cost effective one too.

Any recommendable products?
The Permavent Breathable Roofing Felt is a great product that manages to combine high permeability and efficient water tight properties. It can even be used on cold vented, non-vented warm deck and hybrid roofs. Created using the most up to date technologies, the product is in compliance with E.U. standards, going some way to explaining its popularity.

Anything else to remember?
Although breathable roofing felt is renowned for its easy and straightforward approach, it is still necessary to make sure yours is installed by a professional roofing contractor, in order to make the most of all its benefits. Make sure your roofing felt suppliers have a good reputation and operate at the highest quality. Approaching a company with extensive experience in the field can help ensure you get the most from your money.

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