Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Not Worldwide-Popular Yet

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While the first e-cig to be mass produced years ago, it’s still unusual seeing someone smoking out of a black metallic “pen.” Sure, the usage of it has known to be doubled in the last couple years, but there remains a reason why the real tobacco use is overly preferred.


I can’t say I’m a smoker myself, but the quality between the original cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is an obvious separation. Because they don’t set anything on fire except for the liquid nicotine, they don’t give their consumers the actual feeling of tobacco being burn on the tip of their lips. The smoke produced, as a result of such, is also considerable. I had the chance to stand next to a friend of mine who was using one; the LED went on when he smoked it, and there was no smell. On one hand, it was for the benefit of the non-smokers since some just cannot stand the smell of tobacco. On the other, it was a letdown to those who smoke partially for the smell itself; the smell is one of those that make a cigarette whole. Without the actual tingling scent in the air, smoking cigarettes remains none but the daily dose for the passionate.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Not Worldwide-Popular Yet


Being the main competitor of original cigarettes, e-cigs have made this concept similar to the battle of usual and electric cars. Sure, there are perks from the dueler: economic, environment friendly, money-saving, and elegant, but it takes quite a while to beat off what’s already gotten deep into the blood of the customers—the origin of tradition. As of the cars, people prefer something familiar rather than changes, no matter the benefits. They want something soft to hold between the fingers, something that holds a smoldering fire in front of their mouth. Something that makes them feels like actual smoking. It’s sad, though, to see such innovation waiting for its moment to bloom just because of some nay-Sayers. While the big guy United States is still adapting to it, Electronic Cigarettes Canada has already exploded in population and is on the throne of opportunity to the next trend of the nation.

The Wrong Time

In regard to the legalization of marijuana in Washing State, USA, e-cigs have made the wrong step as the pioneer in the industry. Alongside with tobacco, many other types of smoking drugs still follow the tradition of non-electrical-metallic-device consumption. It’s not that their aim was off the market, it’s just that their expectation of the market wasn’t really close to reality. USA, for its size matters, is currently expanding the number of states that allow marijuana usage given that the publish of e-cigs was years ago. They aimed for it because it was the only widely-legal smoking concept on the Earth, but now there’s marijuana all over America!

Some producers, say, Rare Air Cigs make some real good effort in providing the people in need with the complete kit into the new world of clean smoking, and are on the bloom of expanding their market as there’ll be upcoming electronic devices supporting marijuana, if they have the patience to stay in the industry, of course.


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