Why Hire an Evaporative Cooler?

Businesses always need to make sure they provide a comfortable working environment for their employees – and that means regulating the temperature of a workspace effectively, whether through heaters or air conditioning units.

During warmer weather, or if you have an area where the temperature is consistently high due to machinery being in use, you’ll need to introduce a system that can cool the air. One cost-effective option is to hire an evaporative cooler, which will be especially handy if you only need it for a few months of the year.

Companies like Speedy Services rent such devices to businesses, enabling them to utilise the technology when it’s needed, rather than having the expense of buying and maintaining the equipment themselves. Here are just a few of the benefits of evaporative coolers.

They are energy efficient

Evaporative coolers are incredibly energy efficient and use much less power than traditional air conditioning units. As a result, running costs are also significantly lower, which is important in a business where you need to keep one eye on your bottom line.

It is also not necessary to keep doors and windows closed when using an evaporative cooler, as these devices work by sucking in the air from outside and cooling it by passing it over water and blowing it out with a fan. This means they depend on air movement to keep the temperature down, whereas standard air conditioning units are closed systems.

They pump out moist air

This may not immediately seem like an advantage, but anyone who has spent any significant amount of time cooped up in a room with an air conditioner on will know that the dryness created by this kind of device can really irritate the throat and respiratory system. People with allergies to things like pollen also tend to struggle if the air is especially dry.

As evaporative coolers work because the air they take in absorbs cold water before it is blown out, this means you always maintain a comfortable level of humidity in a space. This is generally much better for those who suffer from allergies and makes the room a more comfortable place to work in.

They promote air movement

Air movement is important if evaporative coolers are to work efficiently, which means they are constantly sucking in (and pumping out) fresh air, rather than the re-circulated air you get with air conditioners. This could even boost productivity among employees, as they won’t get tired from breathing in stale air all day.

They are easy to install

Evaporative coolers don’t take long to install – the most important thing is to ensure that there is an intake pipe leading to the outside. Once you’ve got that hooked up to your machine, you’re good to go. Traditional air conditioners can come with additional pipe work, which means they’re not always so practical if you only want to hire one of the devices for a few months of the year.

They require minimal maintenance

Even if you are renting an evaporative cooler for a period of several months, there are very few things you’ll need to do to keep it working effectively. The main component to keep an eye on is the pads that absorb the water and act as a filter for the warm air coming in from outside. As a general rule, you won’t need to change these more than once every few months, but it doesn’t hurt to check them from time to time to make sure they are still operating efficiently.

These are just some of the benefits of using evaporative coolers in your workplace – if your company makes use of these devices, let us know how you think they compare to traditional air conditioning units.


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