Why Recent Trends Are Blurring The Boundaries Between Men’s and Women’s Fashion

It has become fashionable to minimise the differences between clothing for men and women. Unisex dressing has become a lot more popular, perhaps as awareness has increased of sexual fluidity and some people’s desire to appear gender neutral.

Why Recent Trends Are Blurring The Boundaries Between Men's and Women's Fashion

Some garments, such as a tight cocktail dress of the type Marilyn Monroe might have worn, may seem inescapably feminine, but when it comes to shirts, jackets, and trousers, the differences between male and female outfits are largely due to tailoring.

Women Raiding Men’s Wardrobes

A tie is considered a very masculine item of apparel, but women can wear them in a variety of ways, with a shirt and skirt, with a suit, loose or tight. The film character Annie Hall famously combined a tie with a shirt, waistcoat and trousers, and ties are often part of girls’ school uniforms. The loose style of jeans known as the boyfriend are not called that by accident. Boyfriend cut clothes are looser and less fitted. Women have been known to help themselves to the clothes of their menfolk, or buy men’s clothes for themselves.

Baggy t-shirts, slouchy trousers – these are now popular with women, and can easily be worn by men as well. Braces have also made it onto designer catwalks, with female models wearing slinky suits and ties with high heels. For women who worry male clothing will make them look too masculine, here is some advice from The Guardian.

Why Recent Trends Are Blurring The Boundaries Between Men's and Women's Fashion

Men Wearing Women’s Clothes

David Beckham attracted a lot of attention when he wore a sarong because many thought he had put on a skirt. A sarong is very comfortable, and a practical choice in warm weather, so why not? In Myanmar, most of the men are wearing a type of sarong, known as a lungi, and no one is casting aspersions on their masculinity.

Shirts whether loose or fitted can be worn by anyone. If you want to see the scope of what is available in Mens Farah Shirts it would be helpful to look at a website such as http://www.ejmenswear.com/ which can demonstrate the range of Mens Farah Shirts that are available.

Fashion is changing. There may come a time when apparel is not divided into men’s and women’s clothes, but simply by what type of garment they are.


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