Why Renting A Bus Is A Great Choice

Bus rentals may sound expensive, but with some careful planning and chipping in, you and your friends and family can have a blast getting to your next event. Get on board with these ideas for having the time of your life while someone else does the driving.

Birthday Party
Celebrate your next big milestone in style. Plan a shindig that includes priming on the bus as you’re safely driven to and from your destination. Take a tour of small-town pubs for drinks, play a few rounds of golf at your favorite regional courses, or head out for a day at the beach.

Keep an eye out for can’t-miss concerts both near and far, and make the trip with your friends on a bus. The party starts when you board, and doesn’t end until you’re safely back home.

Don’t stay up late worrying about your teenager on prom night. Get your offspring and all of his or her friends to and from prom safely on a bus. The kids will have a blast getting there, and a few parents can tag along and party in style on the bus while the kids dance the night away.

Company Event
Make a bus rental part of the fun for your next company event. Board the bus from work and head to the holiday party or golf outing and ensure everyone arrives safely and gets home in one piece. Plan some activities for the ride, such as a raffle drawing or a team-building exercise.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
A bus is the ideal transportation for your out-of-town bachelor or bachelorette party. Find a special destination in a nearby city, such as an upscale bar crawl or dinner at a great sushi place followed by clubbing or a major sports event. Getting there is half the fun, and you’ll arrive home safe and sound.

Group Tour
Get your book club to an out-of-town reading, transport your scout troop to the zoo or head out for a day of bird watching with your Audubon group without having to drive in separate cars. Renting a bus will ensure everyone gets to the destination safely and on time, and will make your next group outing a fun bonding experience.

Family Vacation
The next time you and your extended family head out for a day in the mountains or a weekend at the beach, book a bus to get you there. There’s plenty of room for your gear, and the kids will have a blast hanging out in the back of the bus while the adults socialize up front.

Call around for bus rentals in your area, then climb aboard and have the time of your life.

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