Why Should You Opt For Magento To Build Up Your E-commerce Website?

It is a known fact that WordPress is popular among the mass for building e-commerce websites, but it is again true that nothing can beat Magento for the same. It is very popular as well as most sorted out CMS option to build e-commerce sites and even many top brands like Samsung, Nike, Olympus, Lenovo and Nestle have their websites built on Magento. With a number of salient features, Magento has been successful to beat its competitors like BigCommerce, 3DCart, Volusion and Shopify. More and more businesses are attracted towards Magento due to its flexibility. You can easily integrate these features without much technical knowledge or simply hire Magento developers for the task. So let’s see why some of the top brands chose Magento against other e-commerce platforms.


Free Open Source Platform:

Magento comes in editions namely – Free, Hosted and Enterprise. Among them, the most widely used edition is the free one. It is an open source platform which helps e-commerce developers and designers through their community and experienced developers. It is possible to easily download and install the Magento free version just by using the community platform. The Magento community is working every second to improve the functionality and features and you will get updates regularly.

Developed Just for E-commerce:

Magento is the only platform which was specifically designed to help the booming market of e-commerce websites. Magento comes with some features like shipping management, inventory management, newsletters, supplier management and CMS features which truly helps business owners.

Now Host your Way:

The majority of the e-commerce solutions that are available in the market are self-hosted so you cannot host the website your way. With the flexibility of Magento, you can easily host the website as per your requirement.

Better Flexibility:

If you are looking for an e-commerce solution with better flexibility and facilities then nothing can beat Magento. With Magento theme development, you can easily customize the website as per your business needs. It is even possible to make your website, even more, better with the help of different built-in features. If you want something better than these features you can always make use of extensions and some other new features.

Integration of third Party:

Many times you may feel the need to integrate third party solutions for your website. In such scenario, there is no need to take up the Magento feature. You can directly choose to opt for outside features.

Search Engine Friendly:

Unlike the other e-commerce solutions, Magento is very search engine friendly. The built-in SEO features help to optimize the website and make it more robust and intuitive. You can easily get keywords, URLs, descriptions, meta tags and sitemaps.

Better Loading Speed:

Magento websites are known for its loading speed. The auto-caching facility of Magento helps to retrieve the pages swiftly along with the images and content.

Mobile Friendly:

The Magento website can be accessed on any mobile device from anywhere. With the HTML5, it is possible to build up a mobile version of your website.

Different Websites with a Single Back-end:

With Magento, you can easily manage your different stores with a single back-end. This is one of the major reasons why Magento is popular among the e-commerce world. Most of the business owners want to have a single back-end for their different business websites.

Easy Customization:

You can easily customize and add new features and functionalities to the websites on the Magento platform. Features can be added without making any alterations to the current live site. Customized extensions can also be created as the need of the business.

Powerful Community Support:

The Magento developers can make use of the community support if they get stuck at any development process. Moreover, the extensions and customization options from the community are absolutely free.

Amazing Performance:

If you are planning to build an e-commerce store with stunning performance, just go for Magento. You can easily enhance your website by making use of database optimization and high-end caching techniques.

From time to time Magento has proved to be a robust and flexible solution for every business owner. So if you too are looking for creating such a website, there is no better option compared to Magento and these above-mentioned features can be enough to prove it.


Author: Ryan

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