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Why Start A Real Estate Blog

If you are a real estate agent, you may have heard about the importance of having a real estate blog but never really quite understood why you need one. Many real estate agents are leery of spending time on a blog when they could be doing something else they think is more constructive. While it can be difficult to get a real estate agent to create and focus on a blog if they have never done
something that like in the past, once they see the benefits associated with having a blog they wish they would have done it sooner.

Assists with SEO
One of the best reasons to start a real estate blog is for the SEO boost your website can receive.With recent updates made to Google’s search engine algorithm, websites that regularly post new content are being rewarded with higher rankings in the search engine results. Creating a blog is a wonderful way to ensure your website has fresh content updated regularly, allowing your site to see
a boost in its rankings.

In addition to providing your website with important fresh content, blogs allow you to target specific keywords with each post that you make. Through your blog posts, you can target long tail keywords which will increase the amount of traffic your website sees. These long tail keywords usually produce excellent conversion rates as well which will help you increase your number of clients.

Speak to a New Audience
Creating a real estate blog will enable you to speak to a new audience of home buyers and sellers.Blogs are connected on the Internet through various search engines and aggregate readers. When
you create a well thought out real estate blog, people interested in your topics will add your website to their aggregate readers. These readers will alert them every time you post a new article, helping
you obtain regular visitors to your blog.

Without a real estate blog on your website, you would have no way of reaching these tech savvy home buyers and sellers. Your traditional marketing methods would go unnoticed by these potential clients, which is why it is important for you to market your service through a variety of channels.

Increase Conversion Rate
Starting your own real estate blog is a good way to increase your website’s conversion rate as well. When writing a blog, you can focus on producing content your visitors will find useful and
interesting. Producing this type of content on a regular basis will allow you to position yourself as an industry expert and gain the trust of potential homebuyers and sellers in your market. When you
are an expert in your field, you will find it much easier to get people to listen to what you are saying and be more receptive to your services.

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In addition to being able to position yourself as an expert, a well designed and structured real estate blog can help increase your conversion rate as well. Making it easy for your visitors to find
the content they are looking for on your site can have a dramatic effect on your conversion rate.Because of this fact, it is important that you take the design of your blog into account when you are
first getting started.

If you have been thinking about starting your own real estate blog but did not know if it would be worth your time, you should put aside your preconceived notions and start your blog today. A high

quality real estate blog can help attract more visitors to your website through SEO, place your blog in front of a new audience your traditional marketing never would have reached, and even increase
your website’s conversion rate.

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Ben Sawyer is Internet marketing consultant for more than 5 years and a passionate blogger. He created many sucessful campaigns for various clients and helped them to improve their online presence. Currently he is working as a content contributor for www.arvernebythesea.com , well known real estate company from NYC. Here are few of Ben’s tips about benefits of having blog for real estate business.

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