Why you need a monochrome stripe blazer in your wardrobe

There are two trends that among others are key for Spring/Summer 2013. This is the revival of black and white, or monochrome if indeed this trend ever went away, and the increasing popularity of blazers as the finishing touch to an outfit. Combine these two trends and you have an item of clothing that every wardrobe should contain. That item is a monochrome striped blazer and here is why there should be one in your wardrobe.  

The first thing to consider when purchasing any item of striped clothing is what sort of stripes should you be wearing? There are blazers out there with both horizontal and vertical stripes but which are more flattering and is there a right answer? There has been much debate in recent years about which sort of stripes make you look bigger and no firm conclusion appears to have been reached. The answer has to be that unless you try both, you will never know, so if you are considering monochrome blazers with stripes, then if possible try ones with both horizontal and vertical stripes.

Once you have decided on the sort of stripe that is most flattering for you, it is time to make sure you choose the most flattering style of blazer as there are many available in a whole range of fabrics, cuts and styles. It is important that the blazerfits well and suits your bodyshape as well as getting the choice of fabric right so thatyou are able to match it to all the items you plan to team it with. Flexible fabrics that are likely to go with most outfits include light wool and cotton. Additionally, you will also need to consider how many buttons you want the blazer to have and whetheryou intend to use these, as well as the length of sleeve. These could be anywhere from very long, requiring pushing up or rolling back, to jackets that have been specifically designed with sleeves that are three-quarters in length.

Now you have decided on the type of stripe and style of the blazer you need to think about the sort of outfits you can wear your blazer with. A black and white stripedblazer is more versatile than you think and can be teamed with outfits for formal occasions as well as workwear or casualwear. If you are attending a wedding or other formal occasion and have chosen to wear a plain black or white dress then amonochrome striped blazer will take your outfit to that extra level and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively team your blazer with smart black trousers and a top for work, or even with jeans and pumps for weekend wear.

Hopefully by now it is perfectly obvious why every woman’s wardrobe needs amonochrome striped blazer, however if you are still to be convinced then why not invest in one and see for yourself!

Vickie Day is interested in fashion and accessories including monochrome blazers and has written many articles on fashion and related subjects.


Author: Ben Parker

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