Why You Should Consider Building A Garden Structure

It’s true that belts are tightening all over the country as the recession continues to bite into household budgets. However, the ongoing inflation of house prices means that homeowners who are looking for extra space are less likely to buy a bigger place. If you have a garden, though, there is a solution available. Building a summerhouse or other garden structure can provide a much-needed dedicated space. Read on for 4 reasons to consider constructing one of your own.

1. Your Spouse Has an Annoying Hobby

Almost everyone has something that they love doing in their spare time. Unfortunately, some of our more eccentric pursuits can prove irritating to others in the home, whether due to space constraints, loud noises or odd smells! I know that my wife is pleased that I confine my beer brewing activities to a specially adapted shed. Significant others of brewers, woodworkers and mechanics rejoice – we irritating men and women are more than happy to be given an outside workshop to practice our crafts.

2. The Kids Need More Space

Building a dedicated playroom for your children in the garden can save you many headaches. Provided they are old enough not to require constant supervision, sending them off to their own ‘shed’ gives both you and them some much-needed freedom. You get to do the housework or settle down on the sofa with a cup of tea without being subjected to flying toys and noisy video games; they get to have fun without mum or dad shouting at them! Give the building a couple of power sockets and some bean bags – they’ll never want to leave.

3. You’ve Always Wanted a Hot Tub…

Hot tubs are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and difficult to keep clean. That doesn’t mean, though, that we are put off from buying them. Homeowners wishing to add a touch of class or a party atmosphere often house their jacuzzis in timber frame structures, creating an enclosed unit which can be used in all weather. This can be a moderately priced way to create an outdoor party area. There is, of course, a more luxurious option.

4. …Or a Swimming Pool.

Most of us will not be lucky enough to be able to afford this. But for those who are able to make their dreams a reality, constructing a dedicated building for their pool means that swimmers are able to avoid the British weather, enabling year-round use. There’s nothing quite like diving in for a swim immediately after waking up on a weekend morning. Failing that, the creation of a pool house will allow you and your guests to change in privacy and comfort, whilst providing a great space for seating. If you really want to splash out, you could even add a bar and other entertainment.

Charlie Bond is an architect with 15 years’ experience. He and his family enjoy living in a custom-built environmentally sound home in Kent.


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