Will Clean Coal Solve The Pollution Problem?

Clean coal is a question that is on everyone’s minds, and there is currently a debate on whether clean coal should be a major part of plans to fight global warming. The sides are evenly spilt, however most believe that if the technology is available to reduce pollution through the use of clean coal, then we should take all the steps necessary. Whether you’re for or against the use of clean coal, take a look at some of the arguments that have been presented.

Yes – Pollution Levels Are Out Of Control
Currently, the world is slowly dying from the burden of endless pollution, so any technology that mitigate carbon footprints and fight global warming should be utilised. All life on planet Earth needs clean air to breathe, and humans need clean water to drink. Without these core essentials, there would be no life on earth. Clean coal should be used if it can reduce environmental pollution and reduce harmful ultraviolet rays.

Yes – The Environment Requires Us To Change Our Behaviour Now, We Must Explore Our Options
Exploring the potential of clean coal as soon as possible is the best solution, even if it doesn’t work out as a viable option. We need to change the way we act right now, and the environment can’t wait another 50 years for countries to sign energy reduction agreements. Clean coal is new territory, so we’re going to have to experiment and explore the ways it can benefit the environment.

Yes – If Viable, Clean Coal Should Definitely be Considered As A Possible Choice For Alternative Energy
If the right energy solutions standards are applied for what truly defines clean coal, then it’s in our best interests to explore it as an alternative source of energy. If there is any contention about the levels of pollution from clean coal, then we need to carry out further research in order to come to a solution that will help our environment and planet.

No – Clean Coal Isn’t Truly Clean
Clean coal doesn’t exist because the CO2 is only sequestered somewhere else. As a result, other pollutants are created that have the ability to harm the atmosphere even more. Clean coal is also a costly business, and we won’t be able to bring the technology into commercial use until 2020 or later.

No – Clean Coal Does Not Reduce CO2, Which Is The Main Cause Of Global Warming
Clean coal does not have anything to do with fighting global warming. Although scientists claim that clean coal purports to reduce the amount of pollutants given off by fossil fuel power stations, carbon dioxide is still released in the process. Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming.

No – There Is No Such Thing As Clean Coal
There is no such thing as clean coal, and we’re already past the point of no return when it comes to the effect we’ve had on our environment. Coal is dangerous to extract, and at the end of the day, it’s non-renewable finite fuel. We need to save our resources, not burn them.

This article was written on behalf of energy solutions specialists Ener-G.


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