Wooden Storage Crates – Creative Ideas

Wooden crates have a lot of uses in the house and for commercial purposes. Wooden crates can be recycled and used in the house and in various DIY projects. Most of the wooden crates can be acquired at cheaper rates and put to good usage by creative ideas.

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Purchasing the Wooden Crates

  • Most of the businesses are prone to have wooden crates left over in bulk quantities after doing business transactions as transportation of materials take place from one place to the other and so these crates can be taken from them. There are lesser chances of getting them from large scale businesses as these employ companies to take care of their waste material. Smaller companies on the other hand struggle with the shipment crates and wooden crates and they can give it to you for lesser rates or if you are lucky, even free.
  • You can look up on the various website on internet. There are also lots of social media pages which cater to such requirements and make sure that you get a good deal. You can also look up sale sites that are formed only for this purpose. You can get the wooden crates here for cheaper rates.
  • You need to get into the practice of prodding, asking and negotiating. There are lots of websites that sell recycled products and wooden crates happen to be one of them. This means that purchasing them at good rates becomes a piece of cake.


Some Creative Ideas of using Wooden Crates

  • Most wooden crates have a rugged finish. You can get these in different shades and hues and hung on the entrance walls or on the balconies. These can be then used to store the shoes or to keep artifacts in the balcony area. These definitely add a zing to these areas and make them inviting by all means!
  • Some people love the rustic look that a wooden crate can provide. They simply tone down the wooden crates and use the simplicity to their advantage. Perhaps a more creative way of using the wooden crate is to color it white and then use it as a coffee table. You can keep a glass over the same and decorate it with some reflective marble stones. It adds an air of elegance to your living room or your verandah.
  • Once you have acquired the wooden crates and you’re feeling lazy to decorate more so what do you do? You can simply use them in their original form to store things. These are the perfect storage solutions for homes. You need to use them in a way they’re intended for, keep them the way they look and voila! Your storage solution looks great.
  • Pallet sofas are a novel way of re arranging the crates and the pallets. Symmetrical chaps, asymmetrical shapes name it and you have nailed it… these sofas can be used for seating purposes and these can be made very comfortable by cushioning them with some soft pillow mattresses.
  • Pallet shelving or using the wooden pallets as shelves is another great idea of arranging and displaying things in your house. These serve their purpose well as book shelves and look rustic and enhance the look and feel of your home.

  • You can align and realign the pieces of wooden crates and then use them as asymmetrical coffee tables, theatre arrangement seating for the home systems, use them as chairs, fruit storage purposes in the kitchen, use them as a dining table, as a dressing table, side tables etc.
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