Work Efficiency Tips: Slow Down And Hurry Up

It’s difficult on some days to comprehend that you actually have to work, and then faced with the mountain of tasks that greet you is enough to make anyone crawl into the foetal position, or race to get the work done; neither of these options is productive. Work efficiency, and getting a lot done, actually means you have to slow down. Take a breather and make calculated moves.

Slow Down and Hurry Up

There are critical steps to slowing down in order to get more done, these are to identify what is not working and change it, or identify what is working; and do more of it. It’s the little building blocks like phone calls and lists that the bigger projects are built on. These are the most important to consider because once they’re done correctly, your work efficiency improves drastically when you have a work efficiency formula.

When making or taking calls from certain people we often forget the efficiency involved and don’t make a list of the important questions we need answered. This means we end up making another call. As much as this may seem like a silly point, the fact of the matter remains; there is a slight irritation at the fact that we have to pick up the phone again and go through the process just to ask one question. Work efficiency involves knowing what you need to ask and getting it done the first time. Making to do lists around projects and tasks should not be an everyday process. Make one list regarding one project, from start to finish, and alter it as it goes, but don’t redo the list everyday because work efficiency goes out the window and there’s more time spent on something fundamentally time consuming.

If you find yourself constantly repeating tasks because you’ve forgotten something each time, there’s a core problem that hampers your work efficiency. You need to re-dedicate your focus. Your habits and timing need to be considered. Doing the same thing over and over again because you’re forgetting important tasks only makes you flustered. and makes you look inefficient. A feeling and impression best left behind. Improving work efficiency is number one priority in this case.

If you’re a multi-tasker and you find it works for you, then great. If you’re a ‘wannabe’ multi-tasker and don’t do it well, then you need to consider that you have to slow down in order to get more done. Work efficiency in this instance means concentrating on one task at a time. Believe it or not but it improves work speed. Multi-taskers often find themselves running to appointments without their files, important documents, telephone or something vital. Slowing down and getting your ducks in a row for your impending meeting or conference call means focusing purely on that task alone. Your work efficiency will ensure you get the job done, and well. It also means less stress for you and more of a great impression. Slowing down does not mean getting less done, it shows focus.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who works to deadlines so her focus is largely on work efficiency. Her work efficiency formular meant that her recent stint at a New York office space was completed before deadline and she got to enjoy the Big Apple sights.


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