Would Your Home Pass A Winter MOT?

Is your home ready for the winter months? While temperatures drop outside, experts are concerned that homeowners won’t be warm enough and could be paying for expensive repairs and costly heating bills. To avoid unnecessary damage such as freezing pipes, blocked air vents, broken gutters, flooding or damp, read on to find out how you can make your home safe this winter.

Would Your Home Pass A Winter MOT?

Save energy

Many people waste energy, which could be prevented by simple jobs such as turning radiators off in those rooms you don’t use and keeping doors closed so any heat doesn’t escape. Firmfix, specialists in double glazing in Gloucestershire, suggest that for extra warmth, it’s a good idea to drought-proof the gaps around doors and windows. You can seal them, either with insulating strips, or even a blanket.

Service your boiler

If your boiler hasn’t been serviced for a while, then this is the time to do it to save both energy and money. If it’s particularly old, consider investing in a new model which could save you hundreds of pounds over a year. To stop your pipes from freezing over, ensure they are well insulated by using foam to wrap around them.

Reflect heat through radiators

Radiators installed on exterior walls will benefit hugely from lining them with aluminum foil, in order to reflect the heat back into a room, rather than escaping through the wall. Although you can use ordinary kitchen foil, heat reflecting aluminum sheets are reasonably priced and are far more efficient. While you’re there, check your radiators in case you need to ‘bleed’ them, so that any trapped air can be released.

Would Your Home Pass A Winter MOT?

Insulate your home

Have a look at the Energy Saving Trust’s website, for information on how you can better insulate your home. This could include insulating your loft – a worthwhile investment that should last for 40 years and will prevent a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. They also offer other advice on inexpensive solutions, such as double glazing in Gloucestershire, which can help enormously to reduce heat loss.

Making these changes in your home can considerably lower your energy bills while keeping you warm during winter, but don’t forget to check the exterior and garden of your home too, just to ensure you’ve got everything covered.


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