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Year Round Holidays To Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a small Spanish island in a group of islands called the Canary Islands. This group of islands is just over 100km off the North West coast of Africa and has been under Spanish rule since the 15th Century. Out of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is the second most populated island with a population of just over 800,000 people. Due to the consistent pleasant temperature throughout the year, around 20°C during the winter months and 26°C during the summer, this has made it a very popular tourist destination year round. Recent figures show that there are about 2.2 million visitors a year to the island making it extremely important for the local economy. The diversity of the landscape and also the many “Micro Climates” existing around the island has in some circles been known to be called a “Miniature Continent”. There is a lot to offer all types of tourists from families, couples, singles or the retired, which will keep you entertained during your stay on this picturesque island.

Places to go in Gran Canaria
The most populated places are in the North of the island. Las Palmas is the largest city and jointly with Santa Cruz is the capital of the Canary Islands. Las Palmas is in the Northeast of the island and was founded in 1478 as a military encampment. Today the city has an interesting array of hotels, restaurants with lovely views overlooking the harbor. A great time to come here is during one of the festivals they hold throughout the year, in January, February, March and also June. You can soak up some of the local ambience and enjoy the festivities with the locals who are always welcoming. There are four main beaches here so if water sports or sun worshipping is your preference, you are well catered for here. Santa Catalina is situated between the harbour Puerto de la Luz in the East and Playa de las Canteras to the West. Here you will find all of the bigger department stores as well as the local boutiques so the shoppers out there should really be in their element. There is also an excellent Science and Technology museum here with interactive exhibits to keep you entertained for a few hours. Most of the tourists though, head towards the south coast. Going towards Puerto Rico there is a town called Meloneras. A swish little town full of high end boutiques, jewelers and designer shops and also a casino, there is an air of sophistication about this place and it is easy to spoil yourself in luxury. The place comes to a new life during the night and there are endless cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy excellent international cuisine and appreciate the stunning location.

Which Month of the Year is best to Visit Gran Canaria

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With having such a stable climate year round, choosing the best time to go is really down to personal preference and also budget. As with many destinations, the price tends to increase quite a lot when the schools are on holiday and also Christmas and New Year and also peak season. In the mountainous parts during winter it is possible to see frost or snow, although this is rare and lows below 10°C near the coast are unheard of. The average day time temperature during January, which is also the coldest month, is just over 20°C, which gives a pleasant change to the cold winters of North Western Europe. The warmest months of the year are August and September where the average temperature is around 27°C. The average rainfall is 288mm per a year and the rain generally falls during the cooler months. That means there should not be too may wet weather days when you visit.

Gran Canaria is a 365 day a year holiday destination and has places to suit every standard and budget of traveler. With a variety of destinations and an abundance of beaches, try searching some of the review sites n the internet to help you choose the best location for you. Take into account both the holidays in your own country as well as the ones where you are going and you may just have a fantastically memorable experience. It is always worthwhile trying out a bit of the language as well, give it a try and see how the people really do open up to you if you make the effort.

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