You Will Melt The Ice

Holidaying in an ice hotel seems to be on most people’s bucket list. Whether this is for a short weekend break or a romantic getaway as a couple there seems to be a draw to these shiny chilly luxurious places. Ice palaces are becoming high on the list of places for people to spend some time away together on their honeymoons.

For a palace made of ice surprisingly they are incredibly comfortable and are fitted with all the modern day amenities that you would expect to find in a hotel room. Obviously, you won’t find any aluminum radiators like those you can find at as that would be a complete disaster. Going to bed one night thinking ‘Ah it’s a bit chilly in here I will turn on the heating’ to wake up the following morning to find not only has your bed disappeared into a puddle but also your entire surrounding are starting to erode away drip by bit as the heat starts to melt the ice away from around you.

Here are five of the top ice hotels to visit in the world:

Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway –This snow hotel is rebuilt every year with sculptors from China flying in to create this masterpiece. A taxi of husky and sled will greet you at the airport and will take you to your snowy room. The hotel boasts some stunning restaurants that serve stunning local cuisine or you can go for a fishing tour in the Arctic King Crab.

You Will Melt The Ice

Snow Village in Finland -33 million pounds of snow every year are used to rebuild 215,000 ft2 of this beautiful masterpiece. The colorful snow shining tunnels lead you through to the ice restaurant, bar, 30 rooms, and even an ice disco. Now that brings a whole new meaning to the song ‘Ice Ice Baby!’ This hotel has thought of everything and there is even a heated room available if you suddenly change your mind and need to warm up a bit.

ICEHOTEL in Sweden –This is built form 10,000 tonnes of frozen water and is home to the original ice bar. This destination has turned into a full-on art show with each of the rooms being crafted in a different way. With over 50,000 from 80 different countries flocking to the site over each year to see the spectacular creations.

You Will Melt The Ice

So if you are looking for something a bit different to the traditional summer holiday away it is worth looking at some of these places as they really are opportunities for once in a lifetime trips away.


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