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Are you sick and tired of seeing the same old Halloween costumes year-upon-year? If you’re looking for something a bit different this all hallows eve, here are 10 alternative costumes from popular culture you can easily assemble at home.

The Incredible Hulk

Ideal for the muscular types, as long as you don’t mind the most likely horrific weather conditions on 31 October! All you need are a pair of purple shorts and a reasonable amount of green body paint, and hey presto! Pretty preferable to gamma ray exposure, I’d say.


It’s rather rare to go a single Halloween without seeing a Smurf, but if you’re going to go down the blue body paint route, why not go for an Avatar costume? The cat-like Na’Vi race of the James Cameron film might require a few more painted-on tribal tattoos than a Smurf, but at least you won’t be a Smurf.

Robert Smith

The Cure and Halloween just seem to go together. Dressing as the goth king himself is extremely simple, only requiring black clothing, a touch of eyeliner, and an obscene amount of hairspray – and if people don’t know the Cure, you can always tell them you’re Tim Burton.

Dr Who

You know you’ve been dying to wear a Fez since Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor made them cool again. Add a tweed jacket, suspenders, and a bowtie and you’re ready to step out as the last survivor of Gallifrey.

Teen Wolf

Any old basketball kit would do, it’s the applying hair all over the body that would prove problematic! As that is obviously not ideal, simply add a bite mark to the neck using face paint and claim to be in a pre-transformation stage.

The Mighty Thor

Even better if you’re heading out with someone in a Hulk costume! Red capes are readily available at Halloween, although most people use them for vampire outfits rather than dress as Asgardian Gods. Chainmail armour can easily be drawn onto a plain long sleeve grey shirt, while the iconic chest-plate discs can be recreated by wrapping CDs in tin foil and attaching to the front.

Blues Brothers

Going out in a pair? Then why not go as Jake and Elwood Blues – the ideal costumes to demonstrate dancing skills. Matching suits, hats, and sunglasses are essential, even at night!

Marvel Zombies

Already made a Thor or Hulk costume? Add a bit of fake blood and make up to transform the Avengers into fearsome zombies – Marvel already did this in their gory spin off horror comic series.

South Park Gang

Perfect for four friends to wear together. The bright colours of each main character make them instantly recognisable. Duffle coats might get a bit warm when worn inside, however!

Walter White

For fans of one of the edgiest dramas currently being broadcast, why not dress as Walter White from the hit show Breaking Bad? The key aspects to the costume are pretty simple, merely requiring glasses, a porkpie hat, and a terrifying stare.

This list of alternative Halloween costume ideas was contributed by the team of thrifty living writers and researchers at Moneybright.