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Sometimes, you just don’t know what to get your child for Christmas. Other times, you’re shopping for a niece, nephew, or friend’s child and have no idea about the things they’d love to have.

It’s easy enough to give them cash or gift cards, but what if there were other options out there? That’s what this list is for.

Read on for 10 of the best cheap gift ideas for kids this year.

  1. Card Games

Whether it’s a classic card deck, or games like Kids Against Maturity, or Exploding Kittens (make sure you’re getting the kid-friendly version!), cards can liven up any night spent with family or friends.

Kid-friendly card games get everyone involved, and whoever you get one for is bound to love it. That makes it one of the best gift ideas out there.

  1. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks (or fun ones) are perfect for any child because there are so many options. You can find a pair for any holiday, interest, color, occasion, even animals.

The options are endless, and they’re perfect because they’re fun while remaining practical. Nothing is better than staying home to play video games or going to a sleepover and pulling out fuzzy socks.

  1. Kinetic Sand

Now, kids don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy playing in the sand.

Kinetic Sand brings the fun of the beach home, without any of the mess. You see, the sand particles used to create the sand are coated with silicone oil. The particles are designed to stick only to each other, not other surfaces.

It’s also great for kids with Autism and ADHD! It provides tactile stimulation without any of the mess or overwhelm.

  1. Nerf Guns

Nerf snipers are perfect for kids of any age. Not only is there a huge variety to choose from, but there are so many games to be made out with them.

Nerf gun wars ensure hours of fun with little chance of actual injury (unless someone decides to get creative with their shooting techniques).

10 Cheap Gift Ideas For Kids You Can Still Pick Up Before Christmas

  1. Skin Care

This one is going to be subjective, but have you ever given a kid a sheet mask? They love them.

It can be a gift for girls, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. Boys need skincare too!

What makes them great is that you can buy sheet masks that look like animal faces, or normal ones that are “funny colors.” (The mysticism behind having a green face is too much for anyone to handle.)

No matter what, they’re good for someone’s skin and you’re teaching a child the importance of self-care.

  1. Art Sets

Art sets are perfect because there are so many options to choose from!

Whether the child you’re buying for enjoys coloring, painting, making jewelry, or even creating pottery, there’s going to something for everyone. It’s easy to get creative with art kits, and there’s no worry about missing anything because they usually come with already inside!

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

Maybe your child goes outside a lot. Maybe you have trouble getting them to drink water unless it’s in an interesting vessel. Whatever the case may be, a reusable water bottle is the answer.

They can even get creative with their water bottle by adding stickers or painting it themselves. There are a lot of options available now, and it’s easy to get something you know they will enjoy.

  1. Playground Balls

Sometimes, getting outside is the simplest answer, but what do you do when you get out there? Usually, finding a ball is the solution.

Whether it’s a football, basketball, soccer ball, or just a plain bouncy ball, getting your child a playground ball is simple.

The best part? They’re pretty much available anywhere.

  1. Poster

A poster is a vague term, but that’s because what’s on the poster is up to you.

Maybe they have a favorite band or movie. There are posters with plants, art, drawings, even cartoon characters. The options are limitless, and they can be as plain or intricate as you’d like.

There are even scratch-off posters with different movies, books, parks, adventures, even simple things to do with friends.

Posters are a limitless option, and they can get hung on the wall in your child’s room to be stared at for years to come.

  1. Get Personal

If there’s something your child (or child in your life) absolutely adores, grab them an accessory for it.

If they like riding their bike or skateboard, grab some wheel lights. If they enjoy putting stickers on their items, grab them a book or some personal ones.

Maybe they like reading. Bookmarks are a great idea! If they enjoy writing, you can get them a new journal. If they have an Instax or other Polaroid camera, picture refills are a great idea.

Scrunchies, Legos, even new paintbrushes or their favorite snack might make them happy.

Remember These Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids When You’re Shopping

Including any of these cheap gift ideas for kids on your shopping list is sure to make someone happy this year. After all, nothing is better than waking up on Christmas morning and watching their eyes light up with joy as children open their presents, right?

It is, however, important to remember that gifts aren’t the only part of Christmas that kids enjoy. Yes, the toys are a huge bonus, but sometimes all they really want to do is watch Christmas movies and hang out with their family.

Adding a new toy to the mix never hurts though, right?

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