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10 Things Your Tires Tell You About Your Cars

Your tires are where you car meets the road. You will be hard pressed to continue driving in a normal fashion if anything is wrong with the tires. This means that you need to take some time every so often to check out your tires. It could save your car or maybe your life. Here are ten things your car could be telling you using the tires as the middleman.

Low Tire Pressure Means You Won’t Get Maximum Fuel Mileage
Tires will lose about one pound of pressure each month. This process may be accelerated during the winter months. Check your tires at least once a month to make sure that they are properly inflated. It only takes a few minutes and it could avoid a blow-out on the highway. Properly inflated tires also help you get better fuel mileage.

What Happens When You Are Not Properly Inflating Your Tires
Watch out whenever you are driving on rough roads. Not having enough air in the tire can cause bulging or cracking on the tire wall. This can lead to lowered traction while increasing the chances of a blowout. Replace your tire as soon as possible.

You will also notice that your tires are not properly inflated because you will see wear on the edge that is much worse than it is in the center. Make sure that you are checking your tires if you suspect there are inflation issues.

What Happens If The Tires Are Inflated Too Much
Inflating your tires too much will cause only the center part of the tire to hit the road. You can tell if you inflated the tire too much because only the center will have wear on it. There are specific tire pressure instructions on the tire as well as on the door of your car.

Don’t Park Too Long In The Same Spot Too Often
Cars that have been in a skid could result in a tire that has a bald spot on it. Parking your car for too long can cause your tire to develop these spots. Check your tires if you have been parked in the same location for more than a few hours.

Your Suspension And Shocks Could Be Bad
You may notice that your tire has a series of hills and valleys on the side of the tire. This means that the tire is not properly hitting the road. Instead of rolling, it is bouncing unevenly on the road. Make sure that your tires are replaced while your shocks are also repaired.

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Make Sure That Your Tires Are Properly Rotated
Not rotating your tires can cause your tires to have something known as “heel-toe.” This is something that can seriously damage your tire while also putting you in danger while driving. Attempt to rotate your tires every 30,000 miles or so. Some tire suppliers will give you a lifetime warranty as long as you heed this maintenance schedule.

Keep The Weight Under Control
Putting too much weight in your car could also have an impact on your suspension. Too much weight can cause the tires to not rotate properly because the car will re-align itself over time. This can cause your tires to have what looks like a line going in a diagonal direction.

Your Car Isn’t Aligned Properly
If you notice that your tire is wearing only on one side, it may be aligned incorrectly. Ball joints may also be damaged inside the tire. Cars that are not properly aligned can cause your entire car to shift to one direction when you are driving. This is something that a driver should be able to notice without much problem. Get your car to the service shop as soon as possible.

Change Your Tires When The Tread Gets Low
The tires on your car won’t last forever. Many will have a maximum lifetime of 60,000 miles. Get your tires changed when the tread gets lower than normal. Failure to replace your tires can cause you to lost traction on the road when you need it most. It will not be fun to drive in the snow or rain.

Your tires can tell you so much about your car if you are willing to look at them. Flat spots indicate that your car has too much weight on it. Tires that are not inflated properly will be indicated by tires with uneven wear patterns on the side. Check your tire pressure, watch the weight of the car and understand that tire wear can represent an improperly aligned car. Getting these things checked soon can save you a lot of time and money.

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