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When you prepare to sell your home, you obviously want to make sure that you get the best price for it, but major remodeling projects can be pricey and difficult.

Fortunately, there are some simple and straightforward steps you can take which can greatly increase your home’s value. Here’s where to start:

  • Get advice from the pros.

A professional interior designer will have the experience and know how to point out areas in desperate need of improvement before a resale. You should expect to pay an hourly fee for this service but don’t fret, it could easily be an investment paid for by a boost in resale value.

  • Hire an inspector.

Not everything that affects your resale value can be seen on the exterior of your home. Some things lurk just beneath the surface and can only be detected by someone who is looking for them. An unstable roof, hazardous electrical systems, and termite infestations can cut short any potential sale. An inspector can go through your home with a fine tooth comb and reveal any issues that will adversely affect resale value and scare off any potential buyers.

  • Give it a fresh coat of paint.

It may seem like a simple solution, but giving the rooms in your home a new paint job can do wonders for making it more salable. One thing to keep in mind: bright colors may be fun, but neutral shades—like beige, cream, and ivory—appeals to a wider range of potential buyers.

  • Add small luxuries.

A simple water filtration system in your kitchen can be just the touch your home needs. Even better, it’s a perk you can use yourself.

  • Replace carpeting with hard floors.

Although your carpet may have served you well for many years, it is most likely full of hidden allergens and unpleasant odors. Laminate and tile floors are easier to clean, environmentally friendly, and give your home an attractive, polished look. No matter how much you may work to keep your home clean, sometimes it’s s

imply best to replace flooring.

  • Resurface kitchen cabinets.

If your cabinets look a little worse for wear but replacing them seems too costly and time-consuming, you should consider resurfacing them instead. Since the exterior surfaces of cabinets are constantly exposed, they bear the brunt of the damage. A kitchen cabinet resurfacing project can breathe new life into your kitchen, undoing the damage of those embarrassing kitchen fires, airborne grease, and constant use.

  • Create open spaces.

Homebuyers are all about wide open spaces. If you have an unnecessary wall or two—particularly between the kitchen and the living room—consider knocking them down to open up your entire house and drastically alter ambiance. If eliminating an entire wall seems a bit too extreme, there are less drastic measures you can take, like removing a bulky kitchen island (or adding one!).

  • Don’t neglect the yard.

When people want to sell their homes, they often forget to pay attention to one of the most important elements—the yard. Unruly bushes, obstructive trees, and a yard choked with weeds aren’t going to attract homebuyers to your property. An investment in landscaping can result in big returns. Even better, if you’re short on cash, you can easily make a weekend project of sprucing up the garden.

  • Shed some light.

More and more homebuyers are concerned with lighting. Improving the lighting in your home through dimmers, functional windows, motion sensors, timers, and natural lighting can make a huge difference in your home’s appeal.

  • Address the basics first.

You may have a grand vision for remodeling your home, but all of that work will be in vain if you’ve ignored the basics. Before you tackle bigger projects, be sure that all the necessary things like insulation and septic systems are in order.

If you follow these tips, you should see a significant increase in your home’s resale value with relatively little effort on your part. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, start simple and work your way to the more complicated tasks.

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Jennifer Mazzarin is a freelance blogger, mother, and do-it-yourself-er. She enjoys all manner of crafts. When she is not busy writing, she enjoys volunteering part-time at her son’s preschool.